Twenty GOP Senators Tell American Blue Collar Workers “F” Off

ELDER PATRIOT – Thirty-one Senators signed a letter asking Homeland Security to maximize the number of blue collar outsourcing visas that allow U.S. based corporations to import low-skilled workers instead of hiring Americans to do the work.

Lest you think these must be craven Democrats trying to make President Trump look callous and mean, think again.  Twice as many Republicans (20) as Democrats (10) signed the letter, along with one Independent.

The number of H-2B visas issued had long been held to 66,000 visas but was wildly expanded by Obama in the last year of his presidency, to 264,000.  Now, almost 40% of the Republican caucus wants to keep it at that level.

These are the turncoat Republican senators:

This is a disingenuous attempt to undermine President Trump as anyone listening to Jorge Ramos try to sell his lies to Tucker Carlson last night will quickly realize. 

Ramos insists that “overall, all immigrants contribute $2 billion to the United States’ economy.”  Whoop-de-damn-doo!

That may be true on the surface, but that cheap labor comes at a steep price for many Americans who find themselves out of work and dependent on government because of it.  It’s just another form of corporate welfare but it comes at tremendous cost to the taxpayers.

This includes the incredible societal costs associated with the crime, in some cases surveillance, cost of incarceration, medical, educational, policing, welfare and other costs that dwarf the $2 Billion many times over.

Expect these same RINO’s to support Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s slow walking of Trump’s agenda in the Senate just as Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to do in the House.

When Trump ran for president no one knew just how little representation American workers really had in Congress.