Tucker Carlson Gets Illegal to Drop a Truth Bomb: Mexico’s – And the American Left’s – Plan to Take Over America

Elder Patriot – While interviewing an illegal alien DACA recipient Tucker Carlson got him to reveal the long-term goal of both Mexico and the American Left.

“DREAMER” and childhood arrival Ivan Ceja appeared with Carlson earlier this week and demanded citizenship for all illegal aliens.

Carlson challenged Ceja’s right to demand anything:

“I don’t understand on what grounds you make these demands.  If I show up in someone else’s country and I say, ‘You know what, I demand to have a voice in the political system here, I demand benefits, I demand respect’ they’d say, ‘Buzz off, pal. Leave! You have no position from which to demand those things.’”

Ceja’s response was revealing and should frighten every U.S. citizen if this finds its way into our liberal court system:

“We are paying taxes, we are contributing to the community, and we just ask that we be represented.  I also understand that this is taxation without representation that this country was founded on.”

Already, California’s population is more than 50% Hispanic.  Diversity was fine until the Left, working in concert with foreign invaders, used it to take over the largest state in the union. 

California is simultaneously pushing succession and ignoring federal immigration law deliberately exacerbating the situation in the process.  And, California has gone to court to block the president’s attempt to curtail further illegal immigration by building a border wall.

With California as their entry point and the state inviting financial collapse with its profligate spending, it’s fair to ask how long before these immigrants begin looking for greener pastures and this begins threatening the voting rights of U.S. citizens in the neighboring states of Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon?

There was a reason the Framers placed immigration law in the hands of the federal government.  That’s because in a nation that mandates unfettered passage between states the actions of one state affect every other state.

Americans have accepted the lies of the pro-immigration lobby long enough.  Our compassion would be worn thin if we paused to consider the country we’re handing over to our children.

We were once the richest country on earth.  Under the financial stress of the growth of government dependence, either from immigrants or displaced American workers, that is no longer the case.  How long will we allow our economic slide continue, until we’re on a par with Mexico?