Trump’s Tough Talk Ends Caravan at Guatemala-Mexico Border

Elder Patriot – President Trump is a master of using leverage to structure deals favorable to his liking.  Where others may not see leverage, Trump will create it.

As we chronicled earlier this afternoon, President Trump put all of the Central American countries participating in any way that there’d be a high price to pay if they didn’t call off their support of the invading migrant army.

By this evening these countries – El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico – had blinked and a deal was reached to stop the caravan before it crosses the southern border of Mexico.

As the migrant army approaches the northern border of Guatemala – the border shared with southern Mexico – an agreement has been reached for vetting the migrants at that point.  

According to early reports, the vetting process is scheduled to take place along the Guatemala-Mexican border where the claims of each individual will be heard and a determination made as to their eligibility for refugee status.

If their claims are upheld then, reportedly, the United Nations will find a home for them – not the United States.

This is what winning looks like.  No magic wands either, just a man with a plan and the balls to implement it.