ELDER PATRIOT – What???  That’s right Comey admitted yesterday that his office was investigating possible Trump collusion with Russia?  Whoa!!!

But during the same hearing he declared that they “have no evidence that Barack Obama ‘wiretapped’ Donald Trump!”  So who did order the surveillance on Donald Trump that yielded enough evidence to warrant Comey’s investigation into these alleged ties? 

After all, we’ve been told that there’s a high bar to clear in order to obtain a FISA court warrant.  And remember, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told us only two weeks ago that there was no evidence of any collusion at the time he was replaced as DNI:

When he made this statement Clapper included the FBI as a participant in these investigations.  That means that when Clapper tendered his resignation on November 17th an investigation had already been conducted and conclusions had been reached. 

That is only 9 days after Trump was elected.  That means Comey either conducted and concluded another investigation in 8 days (that raises the question as what evidence Comey presented to the FISA court in order to secure a warrant – or that he operated without court authorization) or that the investigation had been going on while Donald Trump had been a candidate.  Given the rate at which Comey conducted the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails the latter is a virtual certainty.

Given the collusion that clearly occurred between Obama, his White House and Hillary Clinton and her campaign during the run up to the election how are we to believe that Comey (who at the time answered directly to Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch) participated in this investigation without Obama’s knowledge and quite possibly under his orders? 

In the least, the intel agencies that conducted this investigation had to have done so with the administration’s knowledge.  Otherwise, where did Hillary come up with the Trump-Russia allegations that she aired during the presidential debate on October 19th?  If the investigation hadn’t been ordered by the Obama administration then either Clapper or Comey took it upon them selves to conduct it.

That’s fair enough and within their authority to do but any investigation they conducted had to have made use of electronic surveillance – perhaps not “wiretapping in the traditional sense.  Otherwise, can you imagine any investigation as important as one into the possible foreign interference in our elections not utilizing every investigative tool available to those investigating it?  What other more effective investigative tool exists than electronic surveillance?

The mainstream media has discredited itself with the lack of integrity they have brought to reporting the depth of the intelligence community’s illegal overreach.  You saw the proof of this yourself yesterday.  Now they’re telling you what you witnessed wasn’t what you saw.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

George Orwell, 1984