After Trump’s Masterful Handling of Iran, Pelosi Introduces Legislation to Protect the Mullah’s and the Taxpayer-Funded Military-Industrial Complex

The American war industry and the political actors elected to guarantee its future funding are upside down over President Trump’s “economic security is national security” doctrine.  

While Trump recognizes the enormous leverage that comes from our massive military advantage, he prefers to offer economic incentives to solve long-simmering differences, instead.  

Rather than squander trillions of dollars on personnel and materiel, only to be faced with the enormous cost of reconstruction in the aftermath of conflict, Trump prefers to offer economic alternatives that will benefit both sides.  

The intention of the Trump Doctrine is to avoid conflict and enhance the economic output of the United States without using the money of taxpayers.

In Trump’s world, economic might is just as powerful, and a lot less expensive in blood and treasure, than engaging in endless wars.

The ayatollahs are learning this lesson now.  The sanctions imposed under this president’s directions has the Iranian regime teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. This is forcing them to choose between arms to wage war and food to feed their people.

The Iranian people, many of whom are old enough to remember what freedom tastes like, have taken to the streets to register their disgust with the fundamentalist regime.

And, now that President Trump has eliminated the mullah’s top hit man, Qassem Soleimani, their bluff of being a dangerous force not to be trifled with has been called.  The mullahs can no longer rely on fear to continue propping up their regime.

The impotent attack on our bases in Iraq that Iran conducted last night, proved just how weak the Iranians actually are.

Reportedly, Iran launched 15 missiles at bases occupied by U.S. troops.  They all missed their targets. Either their missile technology is wholly unreliable or they were programmed to deliberately miss causing any damage.

If that was the case, it would be an acknowledgment by the Iranian military planners that they really wanted no part of a wartime engagement with the U.S.

This morning, President Trump strode confidently to the podium to address the American people.  He announced the tightening of economic sanctions and offered Iran an economic olive branch if they change their behavior.

This was not lost on the people of Iran who are close to toppling the evil regime lording over them.  The additional sanctions will further weaken the Iranian economy and strengthen the resolve of the Iranian protestors.  

The elimination of Soleimani will diminish the government reprisals Iranians will endure.

Trump is not going to fight a war sacrificing our brave fighter for regime change that benefits others.  He’s giving the Iranian people a chance to fight for their freedom on their own. Only when they know the sacrifice that that must be paid will they become reliable allies.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the elected leader of the military-industrial complex that greatly profits from war, has been fearing this day.

To that end, Pelosi introduced a vote today in an effort to limit President Trump’s authority to defend U.S. interests and personnel against Iranian aggression.

Unbelievably, Pelosi is rewriting the Constitution and long standing practice, to advance the Democrat’s effort to protect Iran’s ability to target Americans in the region.

Pelosi is not a stupid person.  So consider the statement she released today that ignored President Trump’s successful handling of the most recent confrontation when she announced her intention to undermine his efforts before voters can fully realize his successful policy turn. 

“Members of Congress have serious, urgent concerns about the Administration’s decision to engage in hostilities against Iran…”

Hostilities?  Not a single injury was reported … on either side.