Trump’s Forced Release of Un-Redacted FBI Files Confirm “Conspiracies” Deep State Counters By Arresting Manafort

Robert Mueller and his cabal of Deep State scumbags indicted Paul Manafort along with an associate this morning.  The thirty-page indictment doesn’t mention President Trump but that is all that the special prosecutor was able to muster in his Deep State inspired investigation to smear the president.

Mueller will try to flip Manafort but he will have to settle for the short-term optics and control of the narrative that the mainstream media will repeat endlessly until the next show drops on his own corruption. 

It’s all bullsh*t and the information gleaned from the release on Saturday of 54-year old FBI files has only strengthened that belief.

After pouring through Saturday’s release of 200 un-redacted FBI files, mostly about the JFK assassination, we have been made acutely aware, for the umpteenth time, that our government can’t be trusted.

In fact, if you discover the truth and attempt to share it you’re likely to end up dead.  More than a hundred eyewitnesses to Kennedy’s murder met untimely deaths under questionable circumstances after coming forward.

Among the revelations that were found in the files President Trump demanded be made public include:

  • The Surgeon General’s autopsy determined that multiple shooters had targeted President Kennedy and that the fatal shot came from in front of the car.  This was vigorously denied by our intelligence agencies for 54 years even though overwhelming evidence existed to the contrary.

Watch this film that captured the moment President Kennedy’s head was blown backwards and then you decide why anyone believed the official version of a lone gunmen firing from behind:

It has been learned from the documents we’ve studied that then FBI Director J. Edger Hoover directed the findings to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald be charged as the lone gunman.

Have we become so servile to our own government that we refuse to believe our eyes?

These revelations are significant at this time because the witch-hunt against President Trump is looking more and more as though it is, first and foremost, an effort to derail the president not only from enacting his America First agenda but also to continue obscuring the stranglehold the intelligence community has established over the lives of everyday Americans.

Are they afraid now that Americans know the CIA planned an attack on American soil that the official version of 9/11 might come into question?  After all it was always an incredible stretch that the steel of three separate building collapsed onto itself from a fire.  Just listen to these expert architect and engineers discuss that highly unlikely occurrence:

Even if you believe these construction experts are wrong you still have to believe that 19 terrorists were able to mastermind and execute the events on that fateful day.

And, if you can convince yourself of that too, then you still have to answer why the daily threat assessment identifying the use of planes to attack America, beginning as early as one year earlier, were ignored by presidents Clinton and Bush.

The point is the government will stop at nothing to move public opinion or to instill fear in the populace to achieve its goals. 

We are now four weeks removed from the Mandalay Bay–Las Vegas massacre and we haven’t even been given a timeline of the attack that night.  I’m fairly certain that I could’ve put the sequence of events together within minutes and confirmed it within a couple of hours.

There were so many witnesses and cell phone videos circulating that gathering evidence would’ve been no problem.  The problem arises from trying to gather and hide those videos and to stifle the eyewitness accounts.

Perhaps we’ll have to wait another 54 years to learn what really happened in LV if the government even answers our questions that far into the future.

This all sets the stage for the Deep State’s determined effort to remove President Trump from office.  They are desperate to preserve the shadow government that Trump has sworn to disassemble.

They have settled on trying to convince us that President Trump is a Russian plant.  In fact the Deep State is hinging its survival on convincing Americans that you’ll buy this pap.  Apparently this is the best they could come up with.

Unfortunately for their side, it was Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta who was given 75,000 shares of stock in a Russian energy company, Hillary who signed off on selling uranium to Russia, and it was Hillary who transferred U.S. information technology to help build the equivalent of Silicon Valley in Skolkovo, Russia – not Trump.

And, it was Hillary Clinton who demanded that the American flag be lowered when she gave the valedictory speech at her graduation from Wellesley – not Trump.  A classmate of Hillary’s who graduated that day confirmed this.

Now Mueller, who was charged with uncovering evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, has been forced to dig more deeply into Manafort’s past, to a time that predates his relationship with the Trump campaign.  By opening his investigation so broadly we are forced to ask, why in light of all of the allegations surrounding Hillary and her team, would he choose not to look into that?

Clearly Mueller has one charge – bring down Donald Trump regardless of what it takes or what the truth is.

We’ve previously chronicled Robert Mueller’s involvement in hiding evidence of Hillary’s wrongdoing while it was going on.  How Mueller and anyone else involved in hiding the transfer of uranium to Russia can now be in charge of any subsequent investigation into Russia is a slap in the face to Americans who trusted Trump to drain the swamp.

The fact that the Deep State has entrusted a prosecutor with a suspect past like Robert Mueller to lead, what amounts to, an all in defense of such a flawed human being as Hillary Clinton reveals just how desperate the un-elected government has become from the threat posed to them by Donald Trump.

If Manafort – or anyone else associated with Trump – had been colluding with Russia why didn’t then FBI Director Jim Comey, who had Trump and his associates under surveillance using an ill-gotten FISA warrant during the presidential campaign, make then candidate Trump aware of it?

Here’s one possible answer: The predicate used to obtain the FISA warrant that authorized the surveillance of Trump and his associates – the phony dossier that Hillary paid for – was a pack of lies.  That makes it the proverbial fruit of the poisonous tree and whatever evidence was developed from the resultant unlawful spying is illegal and unusable.

Today it was revealed that the Obama administration committed $1 million to add to Hillary and the DNC’s $12 million that they paid for the phony Trump dossier.  Why would anyone believe they didn’t also manipulate the evidence to the FISA court?

With Obama-appointed judges running the courts that Mueller will bring his indictments to, where we go from here is anybody’s guess.  The Deep State and the Intelligence Community that exists to protect it will not go quietly into the night.

Content yourself that none of this would be happening if Trump, and all of us, weren’t winning.  Unless we have we become so servile to our own government that we refuse to believe our own eyes?