Trump’s Enemies’ Hypocrisy Over Increased Debt Another Reason to Vote For Roy Moore

Elder Patriot – Trump’s Enemies’ Hypocrisy Over Increased Debt Another Reason to Vote For Roy Moore

Liberal politicians’ reckless and irresponsible spending had left us almost $20 trillion in debt on the day Donald Trump assumed office.  Under George W. Bush our total debt doubled.  It doubled again under Barack Obama.  Suddenly, all of that debt is a problem.

We are eleven months into President Trump’s first year in office and the rate of growth of that debt has slowed to 3%!  Significantly, most of that is attributable to the Federal Reserve’s multiple increases in interest rates.  At the end of Obama’s first year in office, with Democratic control of both houses of Congress, the debt was increased by 15%!!!

If the current rate of debt growth were to continue for all eight years of the Trump administration, the debt would be increased by 26%, a much more manageable amount, especially if the economy continues growing as quickly as it has since his election.

Suddenly politicians like Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, who are unabashedly committed to the globalists’ agenda, are finally acknowledging the ticking time bomb that the rest of us realized all of that debt poses to our country’s financial stability during Bush’s second term. 

Where were Corker, Flake, et al while previous presidents were running up that unfathomable amount?  They were voting to increase the debt limit every time they were asked to, that’s where.

Now they are using the financial mess that they themselves created in an attempt to block President Trump’s pro-growth agenda.

“Government is good at only one thing. It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, ‘See if it weren’t for the government, you couldn’t walk.'” – Harry Browne

If President Trump is going to be able to successfully restore America’s economic greatness he will not be able to do it alone.  Republicans want us to believe that because the president’s party holds a razor thin majority in the Senate we should abandon Roy Moore. 

The fact is the Republican Party is populated with nearly a dozen Senators who steadfastly oppose the president’s agenda.  They take turns voting with the Democrats to block conservative legislative initiatives.  By alternating their votes in this manner each can claim the mantle of “moderate” Republican by being able to say voted with the president 75% of the time.  Meanwhile they are really working together to effectively block anything that threatens to displease their globalist masters.

Democrat Doug Jones has made no bones about his intention to vote against the Trump agenda 100% of the time.  If he is elected to fill what has become a reliably conservative seat over the past two decades President Trump’s efforts to make America great again will be stalled in its tracks.

This would delight Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who would then be able to allow his gang of “moderates” to vote for Trump even more often allowing them to further burnish their claims of being conservatives while McConnell’s collusion with Democratic leader Chuck Schumer to advance the globalist agenda continues apace.

Trump needs Roy Moore’s vote.  If you value the Trump agenda you are left with no choice but to vote for Moore.  The future of the Supreme Court relies on it.  The future of immigration reform relies on it.  Tax reform and pro-growth policies rely on it.  And, the repeal of Obamacare relies on it.

For any Trump supporters that may be wobbly on Moore consider this.  We elected Donald Trump when he was under a similar cloud from the mainstream media and the establishment elites.  He hasn’t disappointed.  It’s time to double down on that bet.