Trump’s Baring of the Mainstream Media Moves into Overdrive To Restore First Amendment Protections

Elder Patriot – Two announcements by President Trump’s appointees have gone relatively ignored by the mainstream media.  The MSM won’t be able to ignore the ramifications of their policy commitments for long.

The monopoly over supposedly “real news,” defined and controlled by the mainstream media, has grown into the greatest threat to our democracy.  Through these appointments President Trump has taken steps to restore some balance to the reporting we get to see.

Trump’s choice to head the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai has moved to rescind former President Obama’s order to silence dissent to official government policy on the Internet.

Obama’s appointment prior to Pai was Tom Wheeler.  Wheeler came up with the high-sounding policy called Net Neutrality.  Like the Affordable Care Act its name belied its intent.

Net Neutrality was designed by Google’s Eric Schmidt to vest even more power in the Google-Facebook-Twitter-Soros Open Society Foundation-Ford Foundation cabal’s control over Internet news than already naturally resided in their control of these important platforms.

Since Net Neutrality was instituted through executive fiat more than two years ago Google, Facebook and Twitter have been censoring dissenting opinion and news conflicting with their “official” narratives at an increasing and alarming rate.

We can attest to that because despite having more fans than ever before our reach continues to be diminished by Facebook’s algorithms at the same time that Google lists our sites as “Fake News” and buries searches lower than they should be. 

The free flow of information to “We the People” is critical to helping us decide what is best for each of us individually, our families, and our communities.  It determines what we believe and as a result who we vote for.  Pai’s reversal of Obama’s Internet takeover is a major step in guaranteeing that will once again be the case.

But, by itself that will not do enough to keep the marketplace of information and opinion as open as it needs to be.

That’s where yesterday’s announcement that the Department of Justice has stepped in to block AT&T’s $85.4 billion takeover of Time Warner comes in. 

Trump made a campaign promise to block this merger so consider this as another promise that he kept.  It goes a long way towards explaining Time Warner property CNN’s relentless attacks on the president.

Makan Delrahim, the head of the Justice Department’s antitrust division gave the reason for bringing the lawsuit:

“This merger would greatly harm American consumers. It would mean higher monthly television bills and fewer of the new, emerging innovative options that consumers are beginning to enjoy.” 

While all of that is true it ignores the most important aspect that blocking the merger would protect, the consolidation of influence over public opinion that AT&T would possess under the proposed arrangement. 

Many of us still remember when cable providers refused to carry the Fox News Channel despite conservative viewers clamoring for their local carrier to do so.  That was still the case for visitors to Disney only a couple of years ago.  And, despite being the most watched business channel, Fox Business Network is still not available anywhere on Disney properties.

That may be Disney’s right but on a broader scale it amounts to censorship.  And, it is still going on AT&T’s FIOS system.

Interestingly, those defending the merger include leftists who have otherwise been steadfastly opposed to the consolidation of power in large corporations.  But, then the dissemination of facts buttressing opposing opinion trumps such provincial ideology.  That is, after all, what the Antifa movement was created to prevent, a movement that leftist politicians have refused to discredit.

We predicted a wave of trust busting was coming after President Trump appointed Joseph Simons as Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.

Simons had previously served as the head of the FTC’s competition bureau.  He used that platform, from 2001 to 2003, to investigate mergers and anticompetitive conduct.  During his tenure at the FTC, where he brought and won multiple lawsuits, he established a reputation as Teddy Roosevelt-style a trustbuster. 

Thanks to President Trump it’s “game on” in the battle to protect our First Amendment right to tell the truth as well as your right to hear it.