Trump’s 2019 Budget to Demand the Best of Government Workers or They’ll Face the Consequences

Elder Patriot – Donald Trump the businessman built an empire by hiring the best and firing the worst.  Starting with his 2019 budget submission he plans on bringing the same principles to government.

Anyone who has ever had to deal with federal bureaucrats knows they can use a good ass kicking.  And, if President Trump has his way we can expect a more efficient and cordial experience in the not to distant future.

The president’s budget proposal sets his administration on course for the most far-reaching reform to the federal workforce in many decades.  The reforms are modeled after some of the most well run large organizations in the world including Amazon and Google.

Trump plans to end the business as usual malaise that has engulfed the federal bureaucracy to the point that the citizens it is supposed to serve rue dealing with it.

To accomplish this President Trump is calling on the end to automatic 3-5% pay increases that have become the standard for 99.7 percent of federal employees regardless of their performance.  Trump also intends on trimming benefit packages that average 47% higher than those employees who hold similar positions in the private sector.

Trump plans to put an end to the average American contributing more to the retirement of malfeasant government workers than they can afford to contribute to their own retirement and other benefit packages.

And, for those workers who refuse to shape up and meet the higher standards they with be fired.

President Trump’s plan calls for the money that is saved to be redirected to rewarding those who score the “best” with bonuses.  And to streamline the workforce Trump is proposing making it easier to hire, fire, and move quality employees where they are most needed.  Trump has also proposed rehiring skilled retirees in certain situations.

While no one knows the size the federal workforce will be at the end of Trump’s three-year modernization program it has become clear that a significant number of workers will be automated out.

The president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner is currently drafting those plans for the modernization of the government through the integration of innovative new technologies.

Trump is demanding the federal bureaucracy finally move into the digital millennium.  The result will undoubtedly be a younger, more mobile, more tech-savvy, and more streamlined workforce.