Trumponomics is Saving Americans A Not-S0-Small Bundle Following Oil Tanker Attacks in the Persian Gulf

Elder Patriot – Shortly after his inauguration, President Trump signed an Executive Order reauthorizing American energy independence.  

Americans are now reaping the benefits.

Under previous presidents, who allowed themselves to be held hostage by environmental extremists, the price of crude oil varied widely, controlled by events outside of the control of our leaders.

Why they ever allowed that to happen is a question those previous presidents should be forced to answer.  

The price of crude reached $113.93 per barrel during President Obama’s first term in office.  The result was the exfiltration of an enormous amount of American wealth to the oil-producing nations we had become dependent on for crude.

This also provided these foreign ‘partner’ nations, not always the most trustworthy of trading partners, to wield significant leverage in our national politics through their control of energy prices and the downstream effect on the economy writ large.

Now, two years later, the events of the past two days show just how important President Trump’s push for energy independence has been to maintaining stable prices for crude oil.

Following the disruption of supply lines shipping through the Persian Gulf, the price of a barrel of crude rose slightly over $2.00, instead of the $25.00 per barrel increase that would have been expected had President Trump not acted in early 2017.

For the average person who drives 12,000 miles per year that can work out to be a savings of $275 per year.  Other savings to consumers accrue from stable manufacturing and shipping costs that mitigate the inflationary pressures that would’ve followed.

Considering that when Obama left office the average American family couldn’t scratch together $400 in an emergency, this should be viewed as an enormous benefit by everyday, paycheck-to-paycheck, Americans/