Trumponomics: Private Payrolls Surge. 275,000 New Jobs Added in April

Elder Patriot – The U.S. economy added far more jobs than expected in April according to data released Wednesday by ADP and Moody’s Analytics.

Private payrolls grew by 275,000 last month blowing past experts predictions of  177,000 new job. Year-over-year growth, April 2018 to April 2019, was up by 71,000 new jobs – 275,000 up from 204,000.

This is the biggest increase since July of last year when new jobs expanded by 284,000.

In addition, the March report was updated to reflect an additional 22,000 new jobs.

Significantly, small (less than 50 employees) and medium-sized (50-499 employees) companies added the lion’s share of new jobs – 222,000 of them.  

This is proof that President Trump’s America First policies targeting the revitalization of America’s Main Street economy, a sector that was ignored and even punished by Obama-era policies, is succeeding.

Main Street businesses have historically created 75% of our new jobs.  In April small and mid-sized businesses were responsible for over 80% of new job creation.

By broadening the base of our economic investment and output is something that strengthens the economy overall, diminished risk by lessening the effects of a global downturn, and feeds America’s entrepreneurs who have historically been the engine room for America’s economic renewal.