Trumponomics: Dow Soars Past 27,000 Economic Revival Helping Minorities Most – Half of All New Jobs Go to Blacks and Hispanics

Elder Patriot – The DJIA soared more than 227 points today to finish the day above 27,000 for the first time ever.

In less than 3 years since President Trump’s election the market has gained 9,000 points and created nearly $10 Trillion in new wealth.  

With nearly $3 Trillion in new debt, having been accumulated by a congress that has refused to discuss spending cuts, the U.S. is $7 Trillion richer.

Compare that to the 9 years prior to Trump’s election when the DJIA gained less than 5,oo0 points while Bush and Obama ran up $10 Trillion in new debt.

In 2016, Obama’s last of 8 years in office, Tavis Smiley told viewers: “On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories”.

Coupled with President Trump’s entrepreneur friendly policies 6 million new jobs have been created.  Half of those new jobs have gone to Blacks and Hispanics.

Remember when Trump asked Blacks “what do you have to lose” if they supported him?

Even though they didn’t support Trump in any significant way, when Trump entered the White House he began implementing policies to do the right thing anyway.  

President Trump consults with Kanye West and Jim Brown – Two men who gave him a chance

And now the results of his efforts are coming to fruition and Black business leaders are crediting him for their success:

The promise of America as a place where all people can prosper now appears within reach.  

At the rate Trump’s policies have grown the economy, even at the currently wasteful level of spending, American workers will create an additional $27 Trillion in wealth – effectively negating the entire national debt.

If we let Trump be Trump, a new era of prosperity, one never before experienced by the vast majority of citizens, is on the horizon.