Trump Uses Al Smith Dinner to Prove His Intention to Change Things is Not a Joke

ELDER PATRIOT – The Annual Al Smith Charity Dinner has always served as a break from the rancor of the campaign schedule. To raise money for Catholic Charities, candidates have religiously attended the event and used their allotted speaking time to make themselves the object of self-deprecating jokes. Not this year.

I’ve always found the event to be highly offensive because such actions by the candidates make a mockery of the issues and events that, the day prior and the days after we are told, will make the difference between life and death.

Last night, Donald Trump walked into the event prepared with some jokes that he was the butt of, but he was determined to make political points, as well. He knew beforehand that the crowd is always notoriously liberal but that didn’t stop him from going after Mrs. Clinton on many issues and especially the issues that Catholics around the country hold dear.

Trump defended the right to life of the unborn and shed light on the emails exchanged between Clinton staff members that discussed their distaste of Catholics in general. The crowd booed…loudly but it didn’t deter Trump from continuing.

Trump exposed the hypocrisy of the Catholic elitists in the crowd during his 15-minute speech.

The media went into another apoplectic fit. Trump had once again broken the protocol of polite society. But it was quintessential Trump and it illustrated perfectly why his followers love him – he is prepared to fight anyone anywhere in defense of the principles that the broader American public holds dear.

Unlike his opponent, Trump will not alter his message to fit the crowd he is talking to.

And, he proved that, at least on this night, he’s the only one that is willing to address a hostile crowd and defend the values of average everyday Americans.

This is exactly the kind of unwavering leader, one who ignores using political calculation to guide him that is needed to successfully to take on the entrenched Washington establishment that has corrupted our entire government.