How Trump Used His First 100 Days to Cut Paul Ryan and Establishment Republicans Down to Size

ELDER PATRIOT – When President Trump arrived in Washington many establishment Republicans were intent on blocking his populist agenda. Paul Ryan took the lead and attempted to use his power as Speaker of the House to compromise Trump’s healthcare and tax reform initiatives.

For his obstruction to real healthcare reform and significant tax cuts and simplification the once widely popular Ryan has suffered the scorn of Republican voters and his approval rating has plummeted. 

Politics is the art of sticking a shiv in your opponent and having him thank you for doing so.  Remember back to the day Trump and Ryan announced Ryancare and the president said, “Today I’ve become a politician.”

Ryan left that meeting believing he had President Trump’s support.  But soon President Trump demanded Speaker Ryan hold a vote on the healthcare bill.  Ryan had personally crafted the bill behind closed doors and without input from a large percentage of the Republican caucus. 

The Speaker failed to find the votes to pass his bill because it barely qualified as Obamacare lite.  Conservatives stood firm in rejecting it.  Ryan had been blocked from saddling the president with a healthcare failure on the order of Obamacare.

While the president publicly admonished those conservatives he personally took charge of negotiations with them and working together the bill was improved immeasurably.  Now it’s the “moderate” Republicans that are obstructing passage of the reform legislation because it’s too free-market oriented!

To recap:

  • Ryan brought a bill to the floor without the votes to pass it – a no-no for a Speaker
  • Ryan’s input has been marginalized and his reputation as a “policy wonk” has been severely damaged.
  • “Moderate” Republicans are being exposed as nothing more than Democrats with an “R” following their name in the Congressional record.
  • Discussions have begun about replacing Ryan as Speaker because of his deliberate mishandling of the Trump agenda.
  • Ryan’s once sky-high popularity has been destroyed and his re-election is now threatened.

Trump has proven himself an adept politician, so adept that he might have destroyed the career of establishment favorite Paul Ryan while publicly doing nothing more than praising him! 

Trump must get an A+ for his takedown of the haughty speaker while Speaker Ryan gets a “D” for his inept and self-indulgent political maneuvering over the president’s first 100 days.

Trump has now established himself as the leader of his party.  The hostile takeover he embarked on when he first announced his candidacy is now complete.

Trump faced a deep and crowded swamp when he arrived in Washington and after his first 100 days Trump has at least neutralized the members of his own party who were put in place by Globalists’ money.  It’s a good start but if he is to be successful in making the structural reforms that will ensure his agenda survives his presidency he will need to eventually need to clean the swamp of them completely.

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