Trump Tweet Exposes How Mainstream Media Uses Fear to Lord Over You

Elder Patriot – The war between President Trump and Jeff Bezos seems to be intensifying daily.  Trump is a patriot who risked his life and fortune to set America on the return path to greatness.

Bezos is not that.  His goal is the accumulation of wealth no matter who gets hurt and he regularly uses one of his holdings, the Washington Post, to propagandize against the president and on behalf of his other holdings and his personal goals.

Trump called Bezo’s Washington Post to task today over a headline they ran.

Think about this dispassionately, how can China win a trade war with the United States?  

They can’t pull up stakes and leave the U.S. market were they sell $375 Trillion more annually than their country buys from us.  That means they need us more than we need them.

The trade imbalance becomes even harder to understand when you take into account China’s population is four times the size of ours.  That’s four times the number of consumers.

China has been stealing intellectual property, proprietary technology, and manipulating their currency for decades in order to exacerbate that deficit and fund its military buildup.

The better question is what do we get from shipping our manufacturing jobs to China?  China’s ability to employ their masses increases and ours diminishes.

But wait, say the globalists, China owns us!  They hold approximately $1.7 Trillion dollars in U.S. treasuries, they warn!  We are being cautioned that is the nuclear option that China holds.

Yawn.  I would advise the “sky is falling crowd” that when you owe the bank $1.7 Trillion dollars that’s their liability.  China cannot compel us to repay that money on demand. They can sell their holdings but with interest rates rising, where would they find the buyers?  

It’s true that a glut of treasuries caused by a Chinese selloff would increase the cost of new treasuries in order for the U.S. to entice purchasers of our new debt, but only slightly.  With President Trump rescinding the omnibus he may be able to further limit that potential damage and turn China’s nuclear option right back on Beijing.

Trump is right to tout his “defiance” as a positive for the American people.  Our betters have been lying to us for too long.

How much better off would we be today if we had rejected both Republicans and Democrats who demanded we ante up trillions of dollar to bail out corporations who had screwed us simply because “they were too big to fail?”

Today, those corporations exponentially bigger and exponentially more dangerous.

We finally have a president who is as smart as they are and who has no interest in growing fat by doing their bidding.

Trump is truly “our” president, not the Globalists’.