Trump Tower Narrative Collapses – Adam Schiff, Mark Warner Lied About Trump Jr’s Blocked Calls

Elder Patriot – After repeatedly fueling speculation that Donald Trump Jr. had blocked phone records that would prove he had communicated with his father and presidential candidate, Donald Trump, both before and after the Trump Tower meeting with Russian Natalia Veselnitskaya, the truth has finally come out.

The narrative that Trump Jr. and his father were coordinating the Trump Tower meeting with “Russians” was advanced by both House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Adam Schiff and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Mark Warner.

Both are Democrats and both are the ranking members of those respective committees.  Schiff is now the HPSCI chairman.

The narrative was built around three phone calls Trump  Jr. made to blocked numbers on June 6th 2016, and June 9th, 2016, dates that surrounded the Trump Tower meeting.

Rather than investigate the owners of those blocked numbers two years ago, Democrats led by Schiff and Warner, used the fact that they were blocked to create the appearance that “coordination” between father, son, and Russia was taking place.

Special counsel Robert Mueller and his second, Andrew Weissmann, leaked speculation concerning a nefarious plot surrounding the three calls and the Russians to the anti-Trump propaganda media.

It was all bullshit.  From ABC News, yesterday:

Investigators on the Senate Intelligence Committee have learned the identities of three blocked phone calls with Donald Trump Jr just before and after the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016, three sources familiar with the calls told ABC News.

The calls to blocked numbers, which came on June 6, and after the meeting on June 9, were between Trump Jr.’s cell phone and two family friends — NASCAR CEO Brian France and real estate developer Howard Lorber, according to the sources.

The entire narrative surrounding possible calls from father to son, who was also a member of his campaign was then conflated, without any other evidence, to craft the narrative of coordination and collusion with Russia.

That Deep State mouthpiece CNN had been the first to advance this fairytale comes as no surprise.


Donald Trump Jr. took the opportunity this revelation presented to lay into chairman Schiff as his committee prepares to continue the witch-hunt once Mueller concludes his investigation and files his report.

Trump Jr. said in a statement: “After a year of hearing about this one ad nauseam, yet another left-wing narrative officially bites the dust.”

President Trump also posted two tweets that targeted the Fake News media for criticism, also:

Schiff, ever the squirrely, self-serving, lying Clinton-Obama sycophant, blamed Republicans for the two-year long narrative:

“It’s an obvious investigative step, but one the Republicans were unwilling to take because they were afraid of where the evidence might lead.”

Uh, huh.

Schiff didn’t explain how the phone calls, even if they had been determined to have been between father and son, led him to conclude that they were colluding to steal an election and that President Trump was compromised by Vladimir Putin.

The flamethrowing Schiff also hasn’t addressed why he would publicly charge the President of the United States with treason when he had zero evidence to back up such an egregious charge.