Trump: “Take the Vote”

Elder Patriot – As usual President Trump is right.  Who knows better the Democrats’ use of the politics of personal destruction than this president.

Despite all of his successes – and, they have been historic in number and in scope – and the popularity of his yet-to-be-implemented policies (the Wall, merit-based immigration, and tariffs), polls show President Trump’s popularity waning.

Such is the power of a well orchestrated network(s) of mainstream media propaganda.

President Trump realizes that the key to electoral victory in this environment is delivering for the American people.  The overarching question that will be asked during the midterm campaign is sure to be;“Are you better off today than you were two years ago?”

This brings us to his nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Kavanaugh is eminently qualified for the position, both as a legal scholar and as a man of high moral character.

Democrats realize that attacking Kavanaugh over his more than 300 opinions would expose their radical, anti-American agenda to scrutiny that they want to avoid prior to the midterms.  That radicalism, and Trump’s willingness to challenge it head on, is the reason Donald Trump is now the president.

So the Democrats have resorted to what they do best, raising questions about a candidate’s moral qualifications.  Actually, raising questions is legitimate.

The Democrats’ practice of constructing lies and false narratives isn’t.  We have seen the Democrats employ this tactic many times in the past.

Here’s “the Lion of the Senate” Edward Kennedy maliciously attacking the pre-eminent legal scholar of that time, Robert Bork, in the most malicious and factless was imaginable:

Kennedy had driven his car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick after a night of drinking when he was in his late thirties.  The accident killed a young woman who was in the car with him. She wasn’t his wife. Rumors surfaced about their relationship and whether she was pregnant by him.

The point isn’t whether the rumors were true.  It’s that he was never made to answer for what happened that night and then, years later, he is attacking the moral views of an impeccably qualified jurist.  And Democrats applauded this.

Democrats are exceptionally adept, of course, when it comes to protecting their own as we witnessed with their defense of most egregious sexual reprobate in the history of the presidency.  All Bill Clinton had to say was “I need to get back to work for the American people” and that was good enough for hypocrite Democrat followers.

To attack Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats have trotted out a toxic feminist, Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, to besmirch his character.  That they have to travel back to his high school days to bring forth a single outrageous allegation is despicable but telling.

It’s hard to see how anyone who was a 17-year-old boy, or who is the mother of one, wouldn’t be horrified that their lives could be forever altered by a single allegation such as the one Dr. Ford has now brought forward, or not brought forward as we will see.

This reeks of desperation, but hey, when your internal polls show you’re facing a blowout defeat in November, and you have zero moral compass, this is the kind of Hail Mary you resort to throwing.

Here’s why I say that.

According to news reports, Dr. Ford  remembers nothing about the night of the alleged assault.  She doesn’t remember where it occurred. She doesn’t remember how she got to the party where the alleged assault happened, or how she got home.  She doesn’t even remember when it happened only that it happened during her 15th year.

She does claim one thing with clarity, though; Judge Kavanaugh was her attacker.

With no police report to at least mark the date, Democrats are asking the impossible; for law enforcement to investigate a 35 or 36-year-old allegation.  Like the Mueller probe, this investigation will never end. Also, like the Mueller probe, it will lend endless fodder to ongoing character assassination, this time of a sitting Supreme Court Justice after he is confirmed.

This reeks of being a delaying tactic by Democrats.  A Hail Mary pass hoping that by some miracle they win control of the Senate in the midterms so that they might ground the Kavanaugh nomination permanently.

This isn’t idle speculation.

Senator Dianne “Chinese spy” Feinstein has been in possession of a letter from Dr. Ford since July that supposedly outlines her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.  Why didn’t Feinstein confront Kavanaugh with the letter when she met privately with him during the interview process?

Common human decency would dictate this approach.  Doing so would have spared Kavanaugh’s wife and daughter the pain that has been inflicted on them for no good reason.  And, it would have allowed time for the investigation that she, and other Democrats, are cravenly demanding.

Even if she wanted the spectacle so as to attach stink to Kavanaugh, she could have ambushed Kavanaugh with the letter during the hearings when an investigation could’ve been launched immediately.

This would  have also provided Judge Kavanaugh with an opportunity to respond without delaying the process unnecessarily.

But that’s not what Feinstein, or the other anarchists assembled under the banner of the Democrat Party, wanted.  They’re solely focused on destroying an exemplary man in the hope that they might salvage at least one political gain heading into the midterms.

After all, they cannot run against Trumpian candidates on the economy, immigration, law and order, trade policy, or national defense.  So they resort to delay.

Even now, given the opportunity to tell her side of the story, something someone who has sent a letter to the Judiciary Committee and the Washington Post would seemingly be chomping at the bit to do, Dr. Ford’s attorney has submitted an list of demands prior to agreeing to testify that she knows is not acceptable.

This is not the behavior of a victim who only wants to be heard.  The list given to Chairman Grassley is more a casting call to advance a political agenda than an aggrieved victim seeking to be heard.

Dr. Ford, through her lawyer, has demanded to be questioned by the Senators on the committee, only.  Considering that every Republican member of the committee is male, this has the potential to provide massive amounts of fodder for future negative campaign videos.

Both Dr. Ford and her attorney know that this is a deal breaker.  Practice holds that outside witnesses are questioned by attorneys for just this reason.

Additionally, Dr. Ford and her attorney demand that she talk last.  In what world does the accuser get to level accusations without the accused being provided the opportunity to refute them?

Finally, Dr. Ford has been given ample time to appear but has consistently made excuses not to.  At least not until the opportunity to vote before the full Senate and have Judge Kavanaugh seated when the Supreme Court convenes on October 1st has passed.

The most likely reason for the delaying tactics is that Dr. Ford is afraid of perjuring herself and therefore has no plans to ever testify.

Her only goal appears to disrupt the Kavanaugh nomination.  This should be transparent considering the parade of 200 of the most vile people the Democrats orchestrated the disruption of the hearings with.

Trump, always three steps ahead of the rest of Washington, is right.  Just vote and let the results speak for themselves.