As Trump Surges MSM Left Scrambling to Salvage Left-Right Paradigm

Elder Patriot – President Trump’s popularity is surging because the American people are beginning to realize that he truly is their independent voice in Washington. 

From his handling of Harvey and Irma to his crafting of a bipartisan debt ceiling deal that included Democrats, Trump is clearly the peoples’ president and not bound by allegiance to the strident ideologies that bind both parties.

Axios claimed the debt ceiling deal was an attempt by Trump to curry favor with the elites.  Nice try but the inconvenient truth is that Trump made the deal before it became a political football that was bound to see the ceiling increased in the end anyway. 

For Trump that wasn’t a hill worth dying on when there’s major agenda items still facing Congress.  It wasn’t about currying favor it was Trump taking the long view and clearing the decks so Congress has no excuse but to focus on major tax reform and perhaps take another shot at ending the Obamacare disaster.

To Trump, his acquiescence on the debt ceiling increase represented an investment in getting to the big issues that can change the course of history.

The NY Times deliberately got it wrong as well.  They insist on painting Trump as a political opportunist like everyone else in Washington is.  They can’t bring themselves to admit that Trump is a patriot who understands how the left-right paradigm is used for political purposes and preserving it doesn’t get him closer to the reason he ran in the first place – to restore America’s greatness.

They can’t because they are financially tied to the effort to maintain the left-right paradigm.

Trump once declared himself the “Lone Ranger” after changing parties 5 times.  He explained why, “The Republican Party has just moved too far to the extreme right.  The Democrats are too far to the left.”

Trump saw that both parties were being driven by their ideological extremes while Americans saw their debt doubled and doubled again, their jobs outsourced or given to aliens (legal and illegal), and their manufacturing jobs disappear.  Donald Trump came to the realization that if he did not try to MAGA almost no one else could and, certainly no one in either party would.

No matter what their ideological predispositions were Americans were markedly worse off at the conclusion of the Bush and Obama terms that they were at the beginning of them.

The mainstream media is trumpeting Trump’s recent beat down of intransigent Republicans.  They’d like you to believe he is lurching or caving to the left.  Au contraire.  Trump was never the knuckle-dragging troglodyte they spent months portraying him as.

His philanthropy to all people regardless of race, ethnicity or gender is legendary among those who know him.  Not because he wears it on his sleeve but because he spread it around so liberally.  Trump’s use of federal resources to help those in the path of Harvey and Irma shows what a smart businessman can accomplish with federal resources that would’ve largely been otherwise wasted.

As Peter Baker writes for the NY Times:

Until now, the American two-party system has resisted assaults from the outside for more than a century and a half. No new party has captured the presidency since Abraham Lincoln’s Republicans in 1860.

Even formidable figures like Theodore Roosevelt failed to break up the duopoly.

What the Times and the remainder of the MSM refuse to acknowledge is the powerful influence of the alternative media.  The MSM is counting on Facebook, Twitter, and Google to neuter our voices so that they can rebuild the left-right paradigm.

Hopefully President Trump will step in to protect us because, as with everything else, if he doesn’t we sure as hell know no one else will.