Trump Stymies Dems’ Attempt to Release Highly Classified Information

Elder Patriot – One thing that has become evident about Democrats is their willingness to play fast and loose with classified information when they see the potential for political gain.

They did that again with a February 5th Memorandum that was crafted to trap President Trump into either releasing it in whole, despite the highly classified information contained in it, or face the firestorm that the mainstream media was certain to direct at him for keeping the memo classified.

Whereas the Republican Memo President Trump declassified last week disclosed no sources or methods and listed only facts and offered no conclusions the Dems’ Memo revealed source and methods and was long on innuendo and conclusions.

Trump, as we’ve come to expect, was not cowed.

The president directed White House Counsel to the President, Donald McGahn, to send a letter to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence denying the request to declassify and release the memo in its current form.

In McGahn’s letter it is made clear that president is inclined to authorize the release of the memorandum but that he cannot because it “contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages.”

“However, given the public interest in transparency in these unprecedented circumstances, the President has directed that Justice Department personnel be available to give technical assistance to the Committee, should the Committee wish to revise the February 5th Memorandum to mitigate the risks identified by the Department.  The President encourages the Committee to undertake these efforts.”

The Democrats’ argument that they weren’t trying to endanger our national security would’ve been bolstered if they hadn’t shown themselves to be openly rooting against the success of President Trump’s first year in office – and the citizens of the United States who benefitted from it – during the President’s State of the Union address.

Here is McGahn’s letter to Chairman Nunes with the attachment from DOJ Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting that the Dems’ memo remains under seal.