Trump Slams Kerry for Continued Attempts to Undermine Official U.S. Foreign Policy

Elder Patriot – John Kerry has been travelling the globe engaging in anti-America diplomacy since the election of President Trump.  Some may say that he had been engaging in anti-America diplomacy while he was Secretary of State.

As we reported many months ago:

Hillary was a piker when it came to selling out our national security.  At least in comparison to the king’s ransom – $1.5 billion – Vice President Biden and Kerry garnered for their kids by putting China in control of Henniges, manufacturers of “very sensitive equipment that is crucial to our military.”

Kerry was also the architect of the Iran Nuclear Deal that cleared a path to a nuclearized Iran and gave them the money necessary to develop a nuclear weapons program. Included in that deal were $1.6 billion dollars in cash that Iran used to bribe our allies into signing off on the deal and that is now being used as a poison pill by Iran to keep those “allies” in line.

We received nothing in return.

Now we’re witnessing John Kerry in full, anti-America flower, globetrotting and meeting with foreign leaders to undermine President Trump’s diplomatic initiatives.

Adam Kredo wrote in the Washington Free Beacon that Kerry has been meeting with Iran to salvage the nuclear deal, something that unquestionably bolsters Iran’s plan to gain regional hegemony but that in no way serves America’s interests, either regionally or globally.

Whether his shadow diplomacy break any laws or not,  President Trump and members of his administration are taking Kerry’s actions seriously because they see it as part of a much bigger picture.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who is charged with cleaning up the mess Kerry and Obama left our country in addressed the media about his predecessor’s current actions:

I’ll leave the legal determinations to others.  What Secretary of State Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented.  This is a former Secretary of State engaged with the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and according to him, you don’t have to take my word for it, these are his answers, he was telling them to wait out this administration.

President Trump voiced his frustration with Kerry’s outrageous behavior, as well:

“Wait out this administration” has become the strategy of Obama’s shadow government ever since they realized that their plan to remove President Trump wasn’t going to work.

Obama, himself, has been following President Trump’s diplomatic trips in an effort to undo any progress that Trump has made on behalf of the American people.

As Sundance writing for noted:

This is in keeping with a pattern.  Obama instructed Trudeau (Canada) to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the midterms.  Obama officials have instructed China to oppose Trump on trade and wait-out the midterms.  Now John Kerry is not only instructing Iran to wait out midterms, he is instructing Europe to rebuke U.S. sanctions on Iran and wait out the midterms.  Hopefully, everyone can see what is happening here.

There are additional and more compelling reasons to declassify the FISA applications and supporting documentation than simply to root out corruption inside our intelligence agencies.

The more compelling reason is root out the shadow government that Obama put in place and that is propping up his (and others) efforts to ignore the results of the 2016 election.

This includes protecting the security clearances of Obama, Kerry, and others that they use to undermine our president.