Trump Shoveling Shit Against the Tide: DOJ Still Protecting the Swamp

Elder Patriot – When the Department of Justice announced that it wouldn’t be prosecuting Lois Lerner for leading Obama’s directive to use the IRS to screw conservatives it became clear that nothing is ever going to change in Washington.

The permanent bureaucracy now makes all decisions and their primary motivation is protecting themselves.  They did nothing while Lerner was violating the law along with every sense of morality, and they do not now want to be held accountable just because there’s been a change at the top. 

You can bet they’re counting on receiving the same treatment for their transgressions from their successors as they have given to their predecessors.

The swamp lives. 

It is becoming evident that targeting swamp monsters for extinction by individual prosecutions won’t happen.  Sadly, the only way to drain the swamp is to drop a bomb on it and destroy it.

Think about how this whole sordid affair unfolded.  It wasn’t just the IRS operating alone.  How would they identify all of their targets? 

Try the NSA’s massive data bank that stores every online transaction you engage in from purchases, to the websites you visit, to your text messages, emails, phone messages, etc.  They have a profile of you that your best friend doesn’t know about you.

It’s bad enough that the government stores all of your personal information in the first place but when the entrenched bureaucracy uses it to direct the IRS to punish its political enemies then we’re no better than any other totalitarian system of government. 

It is time to demand the end of the IRS.   It’s also time to let the world know what a monster Barack Obama really was.