Trump Sent Warning Shot in Long Overdue Message to the Intelligence Community

Elder Patriot -“If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”  – James Madison, Author of the U.S. Constitution

As President Donald Trump reviews the Intelligence Community’s relentless strategy to destroy his American First administration he has come to recognize the truth in Lincoln’s words.

The Democrats’ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned President Trump what he would be in store for him if he bucked the Deep State:

Schumer: “Let me tell ya, you take on the intelligence community and they have six ways to Sunday at getting back at you.”

Trump didn’t back down then and he’s certainly not going to back down now that he has seen all of the evidence.

Trump gave up his cushy life to restore America’s economic greatness that had been stripped from America’s middle class through greed.

With the exception of the years when Ronald Reagan was our president, the American economy has been in steady decline versus the rest of the world since the end of WWII.  Ask yourself, how can that be?

We have witnessed rich Americans getting richer even as our nation’s share of the world’s wealth has diminished since WWII:

Why hasn’t America’s wealth kept pace with the rest of the world considering our massive technological advantage, abundant natural resources, the concentration of wealth in the investor class, and having the richest consumer market in the world?  

The answer is complicated but a stifling tax structure, the greed of the investor class, and wasteful wars have certainly contributed mightily to the diminished prosperity of most Americans:

Donald Trump campaigned to put an end to our stifling tax structure and he did.   Our economy has coming roaring back as the greed of investors rushed back into the United States with new investment capital rather than Mexico, Canada, China, India and the Pacific Rim.

This brings us to President Trump’s attempts to modernize and realign our global relationships for the greatest cost and security benefits to the United States.  There are literally trillions of dollars riding on maintaining these frayed and often corrupt relationships, and the investor class elites do not want their considerable financial interests messed with.

If President Trump has proven one thing it’s that he will back down from no one in his effort to restore the United States’ economic security.  And, Trump knows that if he spends eight years sparring with Deep State investor class’ control of our intelligence networks, his task will be much harder, if not impossible, to accomplish.

So yesterday he delivered a clear message to the IC when he said he accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s word over Russian involvement in the 2016 election over theirs.

What motivated President Trump?  Was he showing weakness? Or, strength?

Remember it was the IC that tried to start a war in the Bay of Pigs only to be left at the altar after President Kennedy refused to go along.  Not long after that Kennedy was assassinated.

Remember, it was the IC that failed to stop the assassination of JFK and then buried its lie for half a century until President Trump overrode their objections and declassified the source documents.

Remember, it was the IC that failed to detect the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and then used that event to create the largest spy network ever conceived… and the turned it on Americans!

Remember, is was the unanimous determination of the IC that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Remember, it was the IC that sought to derail Trump’s presidential campaign when all seventeen intelligence agencies sat mute while Hillary Clinton falsely claimed Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC computers to help Trump.

Remember, it was the IC that ran the phony FISA scheme in order to spy on Trump’s campaign team and continued that illicit charade well into the latter half of 2017.  

Remember, it was the IC that leaked like a sieve to embarrass Trump at virtually every turn after he was inaugurated.

And, it is the IC that has continued to hamper President Trump’s ability to move the United States forward because of the unfounded appointment of a special counsel that, at this point, has been exposed as nothing more than a Deep State effort to protect itself.  The ultimate insurance policy, if you will.

As long as IC protector Special Counsel Robert Mueller is seated he controls the narrative the brainwashed masses willingly accept.  Because of the depth of the corrupt and corruption that Mueller is covering for, he will never willingly shut down his investigation.

President Trump has come to realize this and rightfully views the IC with a jaundiced eye.  They chose Obama and Clinton over him. More importantly the Deep State controlled IC views Trump as the enemy.   

This tension is quickly coming to a head.  President Trump made certain of that with his comments following his meeting with Putin yesterday.  The message was received – prepare for battle.

Trump would prefer to avoid this confrontation but the Deep State has become increasingly desperate with the passage of time and may make the inevitable confrontation sooner, rather than later.

That desperation was evident yesterday in the coordinated reaction of the president’s enemies – the spygate co-conspirators – to what was actually a fairly benign statement by the president:

It is not normal for former CIA, DOJ and FBI directors to comment on anything once they’ve turned the reigns of power over to a new administration.  Their rhetoric was deliberately meant to be inflammatory but was so unhinged that it became unbelievable.

Brennan must’ve missed their great moment in U.S. – Russia relations:

Ash Carter must’ve missed Obama’s Iran deal.  Now that was as uneven a handover of American security interests (and those of our ally, Israel) and $150 Billion with nothing in return!

Their actions should be properly viewed as caged rats desperately looking for a way to save themselves.

President Trump, privy to intelligence that the rest of us aren’t, has begun tweaking those clinging to the phony narrative:

The president knew exactly how his tweet would be received by the guilty parties aligned against him.  Trump’s enemies are beginning to feel the pain as the evidence of their use of interlaced computer networks to obstruct the construction of the FISA-gate narrative is being uncovered.

They are well aware that President Trump wields the nuclear hammer that can end their freedom if ever he decides to swing it.   The president holds the authority to declassify any and all documents no matter the level of classification.

The use of such power comes with a downside that Trump would like to avoid – the loss of trust by the public in the IC’s ability to control itself.  As well founded as that might be it is accompanied by the potential compromising of our national security as well.

But his enemies are not likely to back down now since this is their Alamo. President Trump simply  cannot allow the corruption to continue much longer no matter how hysterical the mockingbird media becomes and the Democrats’ responses get.  That was what yesterday was all about.

Enjoy the show: