Before Trump There Was Ross Perot

Elder Patriot – Finally, Ross Perot can rest easy in his retirement.  Perot was the billionaire businessman turned politician who spent his own money running for president to warn us that NAFTA would create a “great sucking sound” as American jobs and wealth rushed over our borders as a result to the incentives written into the deal. 

Perot was one of the most successful third-party candidates in the history of American presidential elections but he was demeaned, had his character and sanity derided by the mainstream media, and dismissed.  Sound familiar?

Perot had started the reform party that Donald Trump joined in 1999.  Trump had flirted with running for president in 2000 but soon realized that the Reform Party would not be the platform from which he could run a winning campaign.

Trump realized the power of the media, and Washington’s Globalist bought and paid for politicians from both sides of the aisle that comprise America’s OneParty, that would turn their sights on destroying him as they did Perot, another man of significant accomplishments.

So Trump bided his time until he conducted a leveraged buyout of the Republican Party that had severely devalued its brand after decades of failing their voters.

Trump’s campaign was successful to a large degree running on Ross Perot’s 1992 platform against multi-lateral trade deals that any businessman worth his salt could tell before signing them would siphon jobs and wealth out of the United States. 

Trump had the advantage of 24 years of hindsight by Americans who were suffering now just as Perot had warned them they would be if NAFTA were to be enacted.

Just as they did with Perot, only more viciously, Washington’s Globalist OneParty resorted to attacking Trump on a personal level.  It was really all that they had left in their arsenal after bankrupting our country, turning their back on the middle class, and destroying our nuclear families.

The media, fueled by OneParty members like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, did everything they could to advance the narrative that Donald Trump was a despicable human being – a homophobic misogynistic bigot and white supremacist – even though nothing could’ve been farther from the truth.

Here’s Trump telling Matt Lauer the reason why he was leaving the Reform Party when it appeared that he would be a shoo-in to be its presidential candidate in 2000:

Trump made it clear that he wanted no part of former Klansman David Duke during that interview but that didn’t stop the mainstream media from running a full-court press against Trump in 2016 after Duke endorsed him, no matter how many times Trump disavowed him.

The same mainstream media matrix celebrated Hillary Clinton in spite of her effusive praise for a former KKK Grand Kleagle, Robert Byrd:

Trump has spent much of his first sixteen months in office extricating us from trade deals similar to NAFTA that had not yet been enacted.  Yesterday he served notice that NAFTA was as good as dead by placing tariffs on goods coming in from Canada and Mexico via China.

The economies of both Canada and Mexico are dependent on the flow of Chinese goods through their country and into ours, and China is happy to exploit their addictions.

That’s the rub that the Globalist OneParty doesn’t want you to know about and that their propaganda arm – the mainstream media – is not reporting. 

NAFTA allows goods to enter the United States from Canada and Mexico duty free.  This has created a backdoor that China exploits – with the help of both of our “neighbors” – to sidestep any tariffs.

By investing in assembly plants in Mexico and Canada in order to be able to ship finished products into the United States tariff-free, no trade deal with China can be implemented that has any teeth to protect American workers.

Canada wins, Mexico wins, Americans lose.

This is so elementary that politicians who have spent decades defending NAFTA should be shit-canned for having sold out the American people for their own enrichment.

President Trump has correctly called the loss of our manufacturing sector a threat to national security.  Besides the jobs that come with homemade production, we simply cannot allow our country to be dependent on foreign countries for critical materials such as steel and aluminum or oil.

Why haven’t our career politicians defended us?  It’s not as though Ross Perot didn’t warn them.