Trump Responds to IG Report and “Thoroughly Disgraced and Excoriated” James Comey

Elder Patriot – Earlier this morning Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a scathing 83-page report condemning former FBI Director James Comey for making ‘unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information in order to achieve a personally desired outcome.’

The OIG determined that rather than protect the disposition of classified information in a dispassionate manner, as Comey had previously told both Congress and President Trump was mandated by established FBI regulations and protocols, the disgraced former director leaked sensitive information for political reasons.

The Office of Inspector General concluded by making a criminal referral to Main Justice.  

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has declined to prosecute … but that declination is not necessarily written in stone.

That didn’t matter.  Incredibly, Comey seized upon that declination to tweet his innocence and to actually ask for an apology.  

Comey’s contention that the “IG found no evidence that Comey or his attorneys released any of the classified information contained in any of the memos to members of the media” is completely detached from reality.

Comey’s tweet does, however, provide direction to his defenders (and Obama’s defenders) inside the mainstream media propaganda machine.

The media propagandists will continue to deny the rampant corruption of our intelligence agencies, that took place under the Obama administration, until the end of time.  

They’ll even tell you what you already were told isn’t so.  

How committed to believing the mainstream media’s lies are you?  

President Trump, knows this and took to twitter to tweak both Comey and the media over the IG’s findings:

While the media narrative is built on portraying this president as a shoot-from-the-hip loose cannon, nothing is further from the truth.  

As with every other tweet President Trump has posted, he knew the underlying details of the Deep State’s seditious actions well in advance of his media detractors.

President Trump is determined to see Comey and his media enablers/protectors dismantled and to see the Deep state exposed for its corruption.  First, the media’s hold over our national discourse must be totally discredited.

Now, amazingly, it appears that President Trump just may succeed.