Trump Responds To Dems – Releases New Ad – Renews Campaign Pledge – Begins Identifying Those With Blood on Their Hands [Video]

Elder Patriot – Nancy Pelosi sounded like a deranged moron after the tax reform bill passed just before Christmas when she said that it is “Armageddon” and that “people will die.”  Pelosi isn’t some misinformed speaker at a women’s march.  She is the leader of the Democrats’ Congressional caucus, the second largest legislative group on Capitol Hill.

However, unlike past Republican leaders, President Trump isn’t disposed to sitting idly by and let her paint him as an uncaring ogre.  So when the Dems shut the government down over a demand for amnesty for illegal aliens that had no place in negotiating the continuing funding resolution in the first place, Trump took his cue from Pelosi and released a new ad fighting back, and fighting back hard.

While Pelosi’s mindless rant was long on hyperbole and short on reason, Trump’s new ad is based in fact and points fingers directly at Pelosi, Senator Dick Durbin, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for their complicity in the deaths of Americans.  Schumer was directly responsible for the shutdown.

President Trump made immigration reform – building a wall along our southern border to deter people from illegally entering our country, deporting alien criminals when they are arrested for committing a crime, and putting an end to illegal immigration – the central focus of his campaign.

We “The People” voted for Trump and the Democrats have no legitimate reason to deny us the reason we voted for him. 

As Americans continue to be slaughtered due to the Democrats’ decades long intransigence on ending illegal immigration, President Trump has every right to state the obvious – Democrats have blood on their hands. 

Sorry Nancy, but in this case innocent people really are dying because of you.