Trump Receives Endorsement From This Very Special Group

ELDER PATRIOT – Americans are aware of the bravery and patriotism of our military.  Among members of the military there exists an elite group of highly trained bad asses for who no mission is too tough or too risky.  They are the best of the best and serve in anonymity for the safety of their families.

They perform their missions without hesitation regardless of the politics involved or who the Commander in Chief may be.  In fact, they almost universally refuse to become political pawns.  But, after almost eight years of the Obama presidency and Hillary Clinton’s promise to continue his policies if she were to be elected they knew that they could no longer remain silent if America is to remain a sovereign country.

These men and women have spent a lifetime defending America’s sovereignty overseas and they have a unique view of the missions they’ve been deployed to carry out so their opinions carry a whole lot more weight than some self-important Hollywood know-it-all like Rob Reiner or Matt Damon. 

These patriots are members of America’s Special Forces.

With American sovereignty hanging in the balance this November Scott Kesterson founded The Kilroy Rising Political Action Committee, to give voice to this community who believe they can no longer remain silent while the nation they love is turned into a colony of the global elite.

At precisely 8:46am Scott, who serves as the PAC’s president delivered a letter to Trump Tower.  This is the exact time that the first plane struck the World Trade Center in 2001.

The letter contained this message:

Letter of Endorsement for Donald J. Trump

What do you believe in so much that you are willing to sacrifice everything to defend?

America has been changed. The past 7 + years of an insurgent Presidency has fractured and divided the country in ways unseen since the Civil War. We now stand at a precipice of change. We will never fully return to the past but we must now choose between remaining a nation and salvaging our Republic, or be transformed by a Leftist insurgency into a Global colony.

Today, we make our voices known.

Kilroy Rising is a Special Operations veterans political action group linked with Veterans organizations from all services. All of us are proud Americans representing the melting pot. We are mobilizing across the country to support local community groups to empower their vote, share their stories and become connected as a unified front to stop the progressive left madness that has taken root across our country.

We have served this country. We have fought for this country. We have bled for this country. We have struggled for our nation that was entrusted to our leaders who have been quietly serving their own self-interests of the ruling and intellectual elite, forgetting what this country was built upon and who it was built for. While we were protecting Americans and the values of this country we have come to realize that our greatest threat was here at home.

This year’s presidential election is not about parties, but a choice between two things: ensuring we have a nation or becoming part of a global one world government. We must all now choose. To that end, there is only one candidate: Donald J. Trump. And for those that question Mr. Trump, we point to his support and endorsement by LTG (R) Mike Flynn, one of America’s great Generals, who is a man of unquestioned integrity and loyalty to this great nation. As members of the Special Operations community we have never wavered in our commitment and professional standards required to protect and defend the United States of America, no matter how dangerous the mission. We therefore join LTG (R) Mike Flynn and endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

Information is now the weapon of choice. We must use it disrupt the cognitive dissonance that has taken hold across the mass of liberal America, to disempower their ideology, rupture their false narratives of progressive racism, and restore the roots of the Constitutional Republic.

To honor the mission and legacy of American spirit, we have resurrected an iconic image from WWII. Kilroy Rising is based on the legendary iconic character from WWII… “Kilroy” that carried the hearts of America in a time where we fought to protect our nation and the world to vanquish those that sought to destroy us. Kilroy Rising PAC is once again the battle cry of America… laughing at the world who expects us to fail, mocking the pundits who believe we will fall, reminding those who rule that true power is with the citizens of this great nation. We will appear at will and without notice across the country as a reminder that we are everywhere speaking the language of Americans and a country united. Those are values we have carried with us and now they are the values embodied in the Kilroy Rising PAC.


Scott Kesterson,

President and Founder Kilroy Rising PAC | |

Under Scott’s name were more than an additional 100 signatures of Special Operations retirees who decided they can no longer remain silent and allow Hillary to continue Obama’s work in making the nation that they have sacrificed so much for to become subservient to foreign leadership.

They refuse to remain silent and allow today’s Special Operators to be subjected to suicide missions like the one Obama ordered Seal Team 6 to undertake.

They are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice and the only things they ask in return is the full support of their government and not be left behind or to be ordered to leave anyone behind.

Hillary Clinton abandoned our men in Benghazi.  These brave operators have now come forward to prevent her from ever having that opportunity again.