Trump Preparing to Kick Paul Ryan to the Curb

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump’s much-anticipated meeting with Paul Ryan failed to gain the Speaker’s endorsement.  While Ryan characterized the meeting as productive, and having moved them in the right direction, he says he’s still not ready to support Trump.  Speaker Ryan is absorbed by a misplaced sense of self-importance and needs to be cut down to size.  This was evident in the hubris contained in Mr. Ryan’s remarks immediately afterwards.

“This was our first meeting, but it was a very positive step toward unification,” Ryan said following the meeting.  Trump is permitting Ryan to sound relevant as though the Donald needs his endorsement to win election.  For this, Trump is gaining points for being deliberative and acting “presidential.” 

The presidential nominee will only provide enough space for Paul Ryan’s ego until it begins appearing that Trump is now answering to the party elite who he routed in the primaries, rendering them irrelevant in the process.  Trump knows this and the elites know this but surrendering is very difficult for those who have grown accustomed to lording over us for their personal profit.

Trump had traveled to Washington in a magnanimous gesture towards the man who stands as the leader of the forces preventing the Republican Party from unifying behind him.

By meeting with Trump and suggesting they are on their way to an agreement Ryan now finds himself distanced from Mitt Ryan and in no man’s land hoping that Trump will throw him a life preserver.

It’s time for Trump to tell Ryan to pound sand.  Trump has a campaign to run, something Ryan failed miserably at in 2012, and every minute he caters to the Wisconsin congressman is a moment wasted.

The House GOP recognizes the predicament that Ryan has put himself in and they are urging him to endorse Trump.

It’s become clear to everyone except Paul Ryan that he needs Trump far more than Trump needs him.

Trump now owns the party having won it against all obstacles and all odds because the only people who matter – the voters – overwhelmingly support him.  For the #NeverTrump crowd they can get on board or get out of the way.  Trump, the marketing expert, is expanding the voter base of the party so quickly that he might be better off jettisoning the #Never Trump crowd rather than letting them hold him back.

Just their presence in his camp brings with it the stench of the globalist manure they’ve been selling us for the past fifty years that was only broken during the Reagan years when he, like Trump, kicked them to the curb.

The only threat they have is to back a third party candidate.  They are well aware of how that worked out in 1980 when John Anderson tried it.  Reagan crushed Anderson and incumbent president Jimmy Carter combined in that election.

They currently have the option of shutting down their opposition and joining forces with Trump then waiting for his eight years of success to end, hoping voters become more accepting of them at that time in the same way that voters elected George H.W. Bush following Ronald Reagan’s successful term.

Or they can spend the rest of their political careers wandering aimlessly in the political wilderness.  As I’ve noted before, existing management who have been the target of a hostile takeover don’t get to dictate the terms that the new boss will operate under.

They’re lucky Trump has been tolerant of their hissy fit for as long as he has been.