Trump Owes the American People an Exhaustive Investigation Into Improper Influences Over the Election

ELDER PATRIOT – At the beginning of August President Obama who gets daily briefings from 17 intelligence agencies guaranteed us that the elections could not be rigged.

It’s presumed the president wasn’t playing us for fools and that he was assuring us that the voting machines couldn’t be hacked by anyone, not even by Democrats as Robert Creamer claimed he received millions of dollars to do.

In fact, Obama confirmed the integrity of the election three weeks after it was over when he said that despite Russian attempts to undermine the presidential election it had concluded that the results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

That limits the charges that Russian influence on the election only to the hacking of the DNC computers, John Podesta’s emails and Hillary Clinton’s emails.  To that I say so what?

Those screaming foul about that are pathetic.  Mrs. Clinton wants to be president of the United States and she’s only now learning that foreign governments, as well as scruffy-faced hackers in their pajamas, are busy hacking 24 hours per day?  Twenty years ago when I was involved in the start-up of a payroll company we conducted daily discussions on the state of our cyber security efforts.  Shame on her for employing such a lame excuse at this time.

Yes lame.  On November 21st 2008 the New York Times reported that Mrs. Clinton accepted the position of Secretary of State.

Nine days later a report surfaced that hackers had penetrated the Pentagon’s computer systems in “one of the most severe cyber attacks on U.S. military networks.”

As reported in the U.K. Telegraph:

“Defence officials told the Los Angeles Times that the attack struck computers within the US Central Command, which oversees Iraq and Afghanistan, and involved malicious software – known as “malware” – that permeates a network.

“This one was significant, this one got our attention,” said an official, speaking anonymously.”

This came more than a year after the Financial Times reported that China had hacked into the Pentagon computers, The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June in the most successful cyber attack on the US defence department, say American ­officials.”

Wait, but these are all sophisticated and highly trained foreign agents, aren’t they?  No.  In 1999, 19 year-old Chad Davis of Green Bay Wisconsin hacked into an Army computer at the Pentagon.

Throughout all of this Mrs. Clinton was the First Lady and co-president, a Senator and then, Secretary of State yet she, and the people she directed, continued to use

unsecure servers from which to conduct official State Department and, in the case of the DNC and her campaign staff, political business even after having intimate knowledge of previous foreign governments’ successes at hacking our computers.

Whether the Russians were behind the hacks or not is still being debated but no one has refuted the veracity of the information released in the reported leaks.  If the peoples’ knowledge of the truth hurt her election chances then that’s on her.

On the other side of the aisle, many of Trump’s supporters believe that a full investigation would prove their contention that Donald Trump will have won the popular vote by a significant margin.  They base their opinion on the research of Bev Harris, a Democrat who wrote a book about how elections have been corrupted through hacking in the past.

American people deserve to know the facts about everything surrounding the election.  That includes Trump’s supporters who have made claims of their own that the machines were rigged against him but that his support was so overwhelming that he carried the vote anyway.

Among Donald Trump’s first actions as president should be the announcement of a non-partisan investigation to be conducted by non-politicians charged with examining every aspect of the election from hacking to illegals voting to rigged machines to voter fraud, to improperly registered ineligible and dead people, and to anything else that might rear its head.

Americans of all stripes have a right to know with confidence that their elections are fair and accurate and limited to citizen voters only.  It will be a massive undertaking but whatever the expense it is essential to restoring Americans’ faith that they are indeed the ones determining the direction of their country.