Trump Orders Attorney General to Save Taxpayers Billions of Dollars

ELDER PATRIOT – Yesterday’s announcement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was going to aggressively pursue the deportation of non-citizen federal prisoners can save America’s taxpayers $15 Billion every year.

Americans have been picking up the tab for criminals that belong in foreign prisons for far too long.  It’s naïve to believe that counties like Mexico are unaware of the burdens they are placing on our already debt-ridden economy.  It’s far more likely that the leaders of these countries are well aware of the costs involved and they are more than happy to pass those costs along to us.

In a similar way these foreign leaders are avoiding the educational costs that Americans are being forced to bear for citizens of their country who are here illegally.  With 7% of the students currently enrolled in our public schools here illegally, or as the children of illegal immigrant parents, taxpayers are picking up close to $100 Billion annually that should rightly be paid for by the governments of their native countries.

The federal government is currently spending close to $1.5 Trillion more than it collects every year.  Because of leftist policies their mantra that we are a rich country that can afford all of this is simply a lie.

If Americans expect their government to deliver the services they have been promised if and when they should need them then we need to start figuring ways to restore fiscal sanity to guarantee that.

Restricting benefits to the American citizens who pay for them is a good place to start.