Trump Has Learned From MSM’s Treatment of NJ Governor Christie

ELDER PATRIOT – That I don’t like NJ Governor Chris Christie has been well documented in this column but fair is fair.

The rise and fall of Christie at the hands of the MSM should be a mandatory case study for Republicans everywhere.

The MSM considers it fair game to attack Republican politicians regardless of whether the facts support their claims or not and its treatment of NJ Governor Chris Christie is something Donald Trump has not ignored.

Christie will leave office as perhaps the most unpopular Governor in the state’s history.  His current approval rating is the lowest of any NJ governor in 20 years at just 15%.  That was the approval rating of another governor who tried to make nice with the establishment Democrats in the statehouse and to woo the MSM, Christie Todd Whitman.

History teaches us that feckless leadership under the intense scrutiny of a highly critical MSM will destroy any Republican.  Christie, nor any other Republican, will ever win over Democrats or the MSM.  In the process of trying to please everyone, Christie has disappointed those who voted for him and has lost their support. 

New Jerseyans had wanted change but got more of the same.  The only support that remains for Christie is from a rock solid Republican base that is smart enough to never vote for a Democrat.

The NJ media had done everything in its power to denigrate Christie since his election in 2009 and the photo op of the over-stuffed governor enjoying the beach alone with his family because of the state shutdown caused by a budget impasse was just too good to pass up.  What does all this really mean?

Yes, the optics may be terrible but as governor, Christie is given use of a beachfront residence and he was simply making use of his access to it.

While the timing of the budget showdown is Christie’s own fault it’s important to know that he inherited this mess from four previous Democrat governorships. For a reason known only Christie he waited until his final year in office to address it.

Christie had tried playing nice with NJ Democrats rather than make the hard decision to address NJ’s budget crisis early in his administration when Democrats could’ve been held accountable for the crisis.  And, the MSM has crushed him for it. 

I know this because I was part of the transition team when he rejected our pleas to address NJ’s budget deficit and growing debt burden before he even took office.  Instead, he resorted to using Democrat tricks to claim he had submitted a balanced budget. 

To justify the negotiated levels of spending Christie used an 8% growth rate in the state’s economy to calculate inflows necessary for a balanced budget.  This was unattainable and everyone in the room knew it at the time.

I have dealt with many members of the NJ Democratic caucus and know firsthand that many can only be described as vile Marxists.  Not just Marxists but vile and disrespectful to anyone who makes sound economic and histrorical arguments that challenge their policies.  Their responses are heavy-handed and not what we should expect from “public servants.”

Donald Trump is a longtime friend of the NJ governor and realizes he faces the same challenges that Christie faced.  Many leading national Democrats are just as committed to bringing Marxism to America though they may be slightly less vile…let me emphasize slightly less.

Interestingly Christie was at the height of his popularity when he was on the attack.  In his case when he went after the teachers union over their bloated salaries and pensions. 

Trump has firsthand knowledge of Christie’s experience and is not going to make the same mistake. 

Remember, Obama spent eight years campaigning against Washington’s entrenched interests even as he made deal after deal to enrich them and the MSM applauded him.  As president Donald Trump has not been afforded even a day to challenge any of D.C.’s entrenched interests.

What changed? 

Americans are smart enough to realize that the MSM is now using every ounce of its power to discredit our president who has so far shown he only concerned in returning the nation’s prosperity to the people.

President Trump will not shrink from the MSM’s constant attacks.  Trump has rightfully noted that the MSM has become the enemy of the people. 

Trump knows that without the echo chamber of the MSM, Marxist politicians couldn’t get elected and a return to free market capitalism will allow prosperity to spread to every American again.  Only useful idiots can’t understand this.

The president is committed to breaking the MSM before it breaks our country.