Trump Just Did What Obama and the Republican Congress Couldn’t…or, Wouldn’t

ELDER PATRIOT – President Donald Trump promised Americans that everything he would always put their interests ahead of those of anyone else’s.

This morning the president announced huge savings for the America’s taxpayers.  Trump brought his famous negotiating skills to bear in a meeting with Marillyn Hewson the president of Lockheed Martin the company that builds the F-35, one of the most important of our combat aircraft.

Following the meeting Trump announced that an agreement had been reached to cut the cost of the contract by $600 Million.  And, that’s only for the first 90 planes.  With almost 3000 F-35’s currently on order that could translate into savings of $20 Billion!!!

I wonder how John McCain, and his little tool Lindsey Graham, will attack President Trump for this?  McCain has long claimed to be against wasteful spending even lending his name to fund raising letters for Citizens Against Government Waste. McCain has done this while also supporting the bloated costs of our contracts with military defense contractors often for equipment and materiel that our commanders don’t want.

Trump just stripped $20 Billion from a contract McCain had promised to deliver to his campaign donors from the military-industrial complex.  This won’t sit well with the little troll from Arizona but it goes a long way towards explaining why McCain is doing everything in his power to undermine President Trump.

President Trump, winning for America!