Trump Identifies James Comey as the Leader of the Spy Operations Against Him

Elder Patriot – During an Oval Office interview with Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, asked President Trump about the role former FBI Director James Comey might’ve played in the spying operation that was run against his campaign and, later, his presidency.

Catherine Herridge: If you take Director Comey out of the equation and his actions in 2016 and 2017 would the country be where it is today?

President Trump: I think he did a terrible job. I would say he probably led some kind of an effort to, the words spying has been used, he probably was one of the people leading the effort on spying.

Catherine Herridge: That’s a pretty serious charge.

President Trump: I know, I know and we’ll find out if it was true and I think it could very well be true.

The mainstream media has spent the last two-and-a-half years portraying President Trump as a person inclined to shoot from the hip and therefore ill-suited to hold high office.  It’s as though the media thinks they have more information than he does.

Nurturing that perception during the eight years that Obama was undermining our freedoms and our economy, worked well when they efforted to defend his actions.

How many times was Obama asked when he found out about breaking negative news only to hear the former president say; “At the same time you did.  When I read it in the New York Times?”

Making matters worse, the mainstream propaganda media accepted Obama’s that explanation as though it were true.

If that was truly the case we could just disband the intelligence community, save the money, and let the New York Times and the Washington Post brief the president every morning.

The fact is, the intelligence community provides important information to the people’s elected representatives.

It’s what the politicians choose to do with it – sometimes for their own enrichment, sometimes to cover their misdeeds, sometimes, as in this case, to destroy a political opponent – that constitutes a danger to our Republic.

One thing that has remained constant, once the dust clears, President Trump has proven to be right on almost every occasion.