Why Trump Is Expanding The WH Press Corps: Two Election Narratives – Only One Is Proving to be True

ELDER PATRIOT – Prior to the November presidential election the American people were subject to repeated attacks by the media on both candidates. 

The Mainstream Establishment Media (MSEM) relentlessly repeated the allegations that Donald Trump was a Russian operative.  The new media, that Hillary Clinton derisively labeled the alt-Right media, charged the former Secretary of State with running a pay-to-play scheme by selling the influence that came with her office in return for payments to her family’s “charitable” foundation.

More than two months have passed and, despite the best efforts of the Intel community and the Deep State to tie Trump and Putin together they have failed to offer even a shred of evidence in support of that hypothesis.  Their latest attempt resulted in the Director of National Intelligence apologizing to Trump, and C.I.A. Director John Brennan vigorously denying that he had anything to do with a leaked report after it had been almost immediately discredited.

The same skepticism can no longer be assigned to the accusations that were swirling around Hillary Clinton and her involvement with the Clinton Global Initiative.  Yesterday, facing a future absent any influence to sell, the Clintons announced they are folding the Clinton Global Initiative. 

The new media, informed by the detailed investigation into the Clinton’s mega-scam conducted by Breitbart’s Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, it has now been proven, provided true and accurate reporting.  During the campaign the reporting by the new media on this issue was alternately ignored by the MSEM or vilified by them hiding behind the phony partisan deniers of truth Snopes, PolitiFacts, et al.

We find ourselves waiting for the MSEM to substantiate any part of their claim that they endlessly trumpeted during the campaign and until today that Trump won because the Russians hacked the election. 

When the MSEM provides evidence that their allegations have even a shred of truth to support them we should reconsider our view of Trump.  Until that time, the MSEM stands accused as the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party.

Had it not been for the new media and Trump’s brilliant use of Twitter to talk directly to the American people, we very well might have elected a criminal to be inaugurated on Friday.

It’s becoming obvious that the new media reported more reliably and accurately in the lead-up to the election…and, since.

Trump recognizes the incredible influence that the MSEM is able to exercise through the bias of its filter.  This has him considering the best way to make sure that the American people are properly informed while not allowing himself to be accused of censoring any particular group due to the limited space currently available in the White House for press briefings.

Currently 100 members of the MSEM are forced to squeeze into the existing briefing room because it has only 49 seats.  This limitation has provided the MSEM with the ability to create any narrative that serves their interests – or those of their corporate masters – without being held to account by those with opposing views or opinions on what they were just told by the president or his press secretary.

Rather than resorting to replacing members of the MSEM with members of the new media, Trump is contemplating expanding the White House briefing room so that it can accommodate up to 400 members of the media.

This would necessitate relocating the existing MSEM press corps’ desks elsewhere on the White House grounds.  Horror of horrors!  Their objection to this has nothing to do with the location of their desks but rather everything to do with what will become their inability to control the narrative that the American people see and hear.

Trump’s answer to fake news is more news.  Our Founding Fathers would be proud.

Let freedom ring!