Trump Dismantles Global Elite: Popularity of Leaders Who Oppose Trump’s Common Sense Approach to Terrorism is Nearing Zero

ELDER PATRIOT – Remember back to June 23rd when the British people voted to leave the European Union affirming their desire to restore their nation’s independence?  America’s President, Barack Obama, led the Globalists’ assault on Nigel Farage’s “leave” movement.  Presidential candidate Donald Trump stood shoulder to shoulder with Farage even traveling to the British Isles to be present for the announcement that Leave had won.

Later in 2016 Donald Trump shook the foundations of the Globalists’ plans by defeating their handpicked and most important leader, Hillary Clinton.

Then Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s demanded constitutional reforms to consolidate his power.  Renzi’s proposals were so soundly rejected by Italian voters that he decided to resign.

Kudos are due Renzi who recognized any attempt to cede additional power to Brussels’ unelected bureaucrats would lead to a revolution by his countrymen.

The same cannot be said of French President François Hollande.  Hollande has been ignoring his countrymen’s pleas to put an end to what has become an unconscionable level of Islamic immigration.

Yesterday Hollande decided to hit back at Trump after the American president dared bring attention to the cultural rot and the dangerous crime that is plaguing cities like Paris and Nice since their welcoming of Muslim refugees of undetermined character.

Hollande castigated Trump for claiming that, “Paris is no longer Paris.”   The French President said, “I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country.”

Really, François?  The last time we kept quiet about Europe’s idiocy in conducting its foreign affairs the United States military suffered one million casualties bailing your sorry ass out.

Hollande has exhibited absolutely no intention of governing in a manner that the people want him to.  He is committed to the Globalists’ agenda no matter the political consequence.  Take a look at Hollande’s approval rating:

Four percent!  Shit, if he were a proponent of pedophilia he’d poll better than that!  Talk about alienating everyone.  Think about it for a minute.  It’s a lot like Brewster’s Millions, how do you get to zero?

If Trump’s approval ever drops below 40% the Democrats will be screaming for his impeachment.

On the other hand Trump, despite being raked over the coals by the mainstream media and Hollywood elites, continues to gain in popularity for his unwavering plan to put the protection of his countrymen above any other priority.

Respected pollster Scott Rasmussen released a poll yesterday that reveals approval of President Trump’s immigration plan continues gaining in popularity.  Last week twice as many respondents favored Trump’s plan than opposed it.  This week that has increased to 3 out of every four people.

When a politician is as unpopular as Hollande you’d think that he would consider adopting at least a few more populist policies if just to save his party.  That Hollande has dug in rather than listen to his countrymen indicates that he is not so much a politician as he is a puppet for his Globalist masters.