This is What Trump is Dealing With – Pelosi Suggests Deploying “Electronic Dogs” Instead of an Immoral Wall – Listen to Tucker Destroy Her… in Good Humor

Elder Patriot – You’ll have to watch this video for yourself, if you can stop laughing long enough to get through them, because I can’t stop laughing long enough to string two sentences together.

Nancy Pelosi is actually suggesting technology that she described as essentially “electronic dogs” to guard our border.  Tucker Carlson had a hilarious take on the increasingly detached Speaker.

Of course, these electronic wizards can’t be jammed by a jamming frequency, can they?  Because, as Democrats have told us, everyone crossing the northern part of Mexico carries three things, a thirty-foot ladder, a super-sized hacksaw for cutting through steel slats, and an electronic jamming device.

I wonder if she came up with this idea while watching a commercial for a robotic vacuum cleaner.  

Does it strike anyone else that the Democrats have devolved into a race for the bottom between Alexandria “Comic Book” Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine “Marxist” Waters, Jerrold “Lavrentiy Beria” Nadler, Adam “Lyin’ SOB” Schiff, Rashida “Motherf*cker” Tlaib, Ilhan “End Israel” Omar, Eric “Nuke American Gun Owners” Swalwell, Elijah “Impeachment” Cummings, and Madame Pelosi?

May God help us.