Trump and Churchill –Strikingly Similar

ELDER PATRIOT – If it weren’t for Winston Churchill’s unflagging commitment to the continued freedom of the British people his country would’ve fallen under Nazi control.  It has been well documented that establishment politicians stood in opposition to Churchill becoming prime minister.  They were united in their willingness to surrender to the Germans rather than fight for their freedom.

The patriots in England who would rather fight and die than come under Nazi rule became supporters of Churchill despite the fact that the media of that time pressed the point that he was lewd and that he drank too much.  For the polite crowd who opposed Churchill, his personal life was abhorrent and they viewed his behavior as a disqualification for high office.

At a party at his family estate in 1912, Churchill had consumed more than his quota of adult beverages and got quite boisterous.  American socialite Nancy Astor took offense to Winston’s boorish behavior and finally felt compelled to admonish him, “Winston, if you were my husband, I’d put poison in your coffee.”

Churchill famously replied: “Nancy, if you were my wife, I’d drink it.”

Trump had a similar moment during Sunday night’s debate after Hillary Clinton attacked him. 

Clinton: …”you know, it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.”

Trump: “Because you would be in jail.”

Today, it’s Trump who stands virtually alone against a different, though no less threatening invasion that is being abetted by America’s ruling elite who dominate control of both political parties because they have been bought and paid for by the world’s financial powers – international bankers, billionaires, and foreign governments.

The establishment has mobilized their allies in the mainstream media and the attacks on Donald Trump’s character have begun in earnest.  It would be foolish to believe they won’t continue escalating reporting in this manner to distract America from the issues where Trump dominates Clinton in the polls.

The mainstream media attacks on Trump’s character, if true, would have more teeth if they had reported with equal detestation about Bill Clinton’s abuse of women that included charges of rape.  The same MSM that today claims to have identified five women that Donald Trump touched or kissed against their will stands silent when it comes to allegations against Hillary Clinton for having threatened her husbands accusers to insure their silence.

Short of the MSM reporting in a balanced and proportioned manner they can only be considered an extension of the Clinton media machine.

Churchill’s personal peccadillos didn’t matter to the unwashed masses then just as it doesn’t matter to Trump’s supporters now.  And, if history teaches us anything it is that it shouldn’t matter to any person serious about protecting the sovereignty of their country, the freedom to express themselves, and the right of self-governance.

Leaders, true leaders, don’t necessarily come in tidy packaging.  Britain needed a hardscrabble leader then and America, if we are to pass the promise of our Founders to our children, needs one now.

When Churchill ascended to power, England had been threatened with direct military attack by a foreign nation determined to conquer his country.  Trump’s America is under direct attack from the global elite that is determined to conquer us financially.  And, Donald Trump is the only one willing to identify and confront this enemy.

The methods of the invaders have changed over the past three quarters of a century but the consequences remain the same, the loss of freedom.  Trump’s supporters recognize this threat and are steadfastly supporting him no matter the attacks on his character.  To them their freedom is more important than the current unsubstantiated charges.

Whether or not Trump is guilty of these charges (that will remain allegations until well after the election,) they pale in comparison to Hillary Clinton’s history of evil doing, corruption and murder.

Unlike the allegations against Trump, Wikileaks has exposed a broad spectrum of proof of Hillary Clinton’s corruption and disdain for all Americans in the form of her campaign’s own emails.

Either enough Americans will awaken to the threat to America’s sovereignty before the election or we will all be forced to live with the consequences of their vote afterwards.