Trump Checkmates Schumer & Pelosi On DACA – Here Comes The Wall

Elder Patriot – President Trump’s detractors love to call him stupid.  You’d think that after building a multi-billion dollar financial empire that includes some of the most prestigious properties anywhere in the world, and, winning the presidency against all odds they’d give him at least a little credit. 

Well maybe this latest news will convince Trump’s critics that they’re backing the wrong horse and that Trump just maybe is smarter than they’d like to admit.

He’s cornered the experienced and “brilliant” Democrat political manipulators Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on immigration reform and DACA.

As you may recall, the two Democrat leaders had emerged from a dinner that Trump hosted claiming that DACA was a done deal.

That was almost two months ago and Schumer and Pelosi were desperate to salvage what is left of their dwindling Democrat base.

As their base’s hopes rose, the chances of Schumer and Pelosi delivering on DACA became contingent on Trump getting concessions – major concessions, something like 70 concessions including funding for the border wall.

Trump wants 27 changes to how border security is enforced, 39 enhancements to interior enforcement, and 4 major changes to the law governing legal immigration in exchange for signing on to a limited DACA amnesty. 

And, the Democrats are committed to delivering that amnesty lest they be considered as ineffectual as their do nothing Republican counterparts currently are viewed for failing to reform healthcare.

Trump is demanding the following concessions in exchange for DACA amnesty:

  • A fully funded border wall
  • An huge increase in deportation agents
  • Strict limits on chain migration
  • A crackdown on sanctuary cities
  • Permitting federal agents broader latitude to turn illegal immigrants away at the border
  • Permitting federal agents broader latitude to detain illegal immigrants when they’ve been identified in the interior
  • Streamlining the deportation process

And, guess what, he’s probably going to get what he wants because the Democrats have hitched their wagon to this losing issue.

A Morning Consult-POLITICO poll released yesterday has shown that support for DACA amnesty among swing voters has sunk to 23%. 

Meanwhile, Trump’s pro-American immigration reforms are popular with voters and gaining in popularity as time goes on.

An August Pulse Opinion Research poll revealed major support among voters for constructing the border wall as the second-most important block in stemming the flow of illegal immigration across our southern border.

That poll also found that 68 percent of Americans support mandatory E-Verify, 53 percent say stopping employers from hiring illegal aliens was the most important component to ending illegal immigration, and 54 percent said they wanted to see overall legal immigration levels reduced.

Trump, as dumb as Democrat sycophants want to believe he may be, has checkmated their brilliant leadership on the way to securing America’s borders – something no one else in Congress, from either side of the aisle has wanted to to do for three decades.