Trump Brilliantly Neuters the Mainstream Establishment Media!!!

ELDER PATRIOT – Trump’s actions of past week have made it clear that he believes his electoral victory was over the liberally biased purveyors of fake news, the Mainstream Establishment Media (MSEM) more so than over Hillary Clinton.

People who have followed Trump over the years knows he never was interested in a political career but, as he told Oprah in 1988, if America needed him he would answer the call.

Oprah:  “This sounds like political presidential talk to me.  I know people talk to you about whether or not you want to run would you would you ever?”

Trump:  I Probably wouldn’t do it but I do get tired of seeing what’s happening with this country and if got so bad I would never want to rule it out totally because I really am tired of seeing what’s happening with this country, how we’re really making other people live like kings and we’re not.”

So when 16 feckless Republicans who had been willing participants in selling out the interests of We the People, and the most corrupt, venal, vicious, treacherous person ever to hold political office became the clear choice for the Democrats, Trump knew he could no longer sit on the sidelines.

America needed him and he put his money where his heart is and funded his own campaign.

The MSEM was his best friend while he dismissed his Republican competition in short order.  The MSEM was confident that they had cleared the path to the White House for the first presidential vagina by helping the nominee they thought the weakest to win the Republican nomination.  Then they turned on Trump.

The MSEM resorted to the most disingenuous reporting ever disseminated by supposedly reputable news outlets.  When the facts favored Trump the MSEM resorted to creating fake news.

It became clear that Trump’s greatest opponent wasn’t Hillary Clinton, it was the MSEM that pulled out all the stops to protect her from her scandalous past while anxiously reporting as fact any political operative who came forward to accuse Trump of anything without checking the veracity of the claim or of the claimant.

The MSEM’s reporting had been so over the top that Trump, along with the rest of us, realized that they were the greatest threat to our Democracy, our continued freedoms and any return to prosperity that we might hope for.

So in his first press conference last week, Trump being a man of action, immediate action, let one of the worst offenders CNN know that he wouldn’t be taking their questions for a while.  When they persisted Trump shut them up calling them fake news.

The MSEM is crying fascism but that’s only because the plan Trump is floating will strip them of the filter that they have used to make previous Republican president cower.

Trump isn’t banning them from briefings and press conferences, which is what a fascist would do and what they want you to believe he is doing.  Instead, he’s expanding the pressroom from 49 seats to accommodate 400 media members.

Trump recognizes that the strength of a democracy is derived from a robust media voicing diverse opinions so that the people can make informed decisions rather than the monolithic left-wing reporting that the MSEM has devolved into.

Trump will be granting access to members of the new media, conservative talk radio, and the so-called alt-right media, as well as the same members of the MSEM as usual, to the White House pressroom to create a fair and balanced accounting of his administration.

This has members of the MSEM panicking.  Their failure to drag Hillary Clinton across the finish line already stood as evidence of their diminished influence.  With the truthful media now in the room they can only become less influential diminishing their ability to drive the Globalists’ agenda.

That’s why Kellyanne Conway followed up Sean Spicer’s deliberate tweaking of the MSEM yesterday with this admonition of NBS’s Chuck Todd today, “Chuck, if we’re going to keep referring to our press secretary in those types of terms, I think we are going to have to rethink our relationship here. I want a great open relationship with our press.”

It’s a long overdue reset of the media’s biased influence that had brought us to the edge of losing our Constitutional government. 

It’s one more thing we have Donald Trump to thank for.