Would Be Trump Assassin Has Close Ties to Hillary Clinton

ELDER PATRIOT – Fifty-one year old Dominic Puopolo was arrested yesterday and is being held without bail after he posted a video declaring his intention to assassinated Donald Trump at his inauguration.

The Puopolo family has apparently had close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton dating back at least to the Clinton’s time in the White House as the following pictures from multiple events evidence.

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Hillary Clinton sat separated from Dominic only by his sister when the three attended the funeral of their mother after her plane tragically struck the World Trade Center on 9/11 as the cover photo to this article depicts.

Records also reveal that Dominic made a $20,000 contribution to the DNC in 1996.  That was apparently during better times.  As the video shows Dominic Puopolo is now delusional and may be dangerous.

That raises the question whether Dominic Puopolo has been groomed by the C.I.A. or another rogue intel agency to murder Donald Trump?  Dominic’s erratic behavior over the past dozen years is hard to explain considering he owned a $4 million house as late at 2013 and now lives in a $60,000 one bedroom apartment in Miami.

Remember John Hinckley Jr., the man who shot Ronald Reagan?  His father, John Warnock Hinckley, Sr., was a multi-millionaire Texas oilman and was a major financial contributor to the failed 1980 Presidential campaign of the Vice President, George H. W. Bush, the man who would have become President sooner had Reagan been killed in the assassination attempt.

Many members of their families also enjoyed close personal relationships.

There has also been speculation about George H.W. Bush’s involvement in JFK’s assassination.

Bottom line, it’s naïve to believe that the Deep State, that conducts coups worldwide, has never attempted any domestically.  There’s a pattern that should not be dismissed without serious consideration.

How many people that had close relationships with the Clintons have died under mysterious circumstances?  What would one more death matter, especially if it’s the person who destroyed your life’s work?