Trump Approval Rating Soars

Despite a constant barrage of criticism from both the legacy media and social media, support for President Trump remains historically consistent and climbing.

The neverending charges of Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, bribing the president of Ukraine, and mishandling the country’s response to the Wuhan virus coming from the mainstream Mockingbird media, Trump’s supporters are unwavering.

Two polls released within the last week confirm President Trump has weathered everything thrown at him by his political opponents and their allied media hacks.

A new Hill-HarrisX poll released on May 12, 2016 found support for the president had ticked up one full point from two weeks ago to 51%.

The most recent poll, conducted by Gallup, published their results yesterday.

Amazingly, After two weeks of being pummeled by Democrats and the media over the Wuhan virus and the economic front, Trump continued garnering a 49% approval rating… higher than four of the last six presidents, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush, at this point of the first term.

An average of these polls shows Trump is a hair away from the generally accepted 50%-51% approval political experts consider a lock to win reelection.

Chris Jackson, Vice President of Ipsos expressed amazement at President Trump’s resilience with voters:

“President Trump’s approval rating is one of the really fascinating and hard to understand or hard to park facets of modern American public opinion.

“It has been remarkably stable over the last three years of his presidency with only moving a few percentage points up or down in any single moment in time despite a series of increasingly outlandish and wild events.”

Charlie Kirk tells you why nothing they throw at President Trump can separate his supporters from him…

This guy is a vessel for us… a vessel for those of us that have nothing but resentment for the Kingdom of Washington D.C.