Trump Approval Hits 50% – Passes Obama 

Elder Patriot – President Trump’s latest approval rating stands as a testament to the power of truth.  The latest Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll reveals that Trump’s popularity has now passed that of Barack Obama’s on the same date of their presidencies.

On April 2, 2010 Obama’s Approval Index was -10.  That represented a 37-point decline from the day of his inauguration.  By comparison, President Trump has lost only 8-points in the time since his inauguration.

The significance of this cannot be overstated.    Obama was handled with kid gloves by an apologist media that worshipped his every move – no matter how destructive it might have been and he still lost the approval of more than a third of American citizens.

That same media, that consistently uses polls based on biased methodologies in an effort to advance liberal policies abandoned that tactic when it came to supporting Obama’s signature legislative “accomplishment,” Obamacare, is now confronted with a poll that shows their nearly two-year long effort to denigrate and destroy Trump has failed.  

In 2009-2010 they lauded Obama, and the Democrats, for ignoring the polls that showed how wildly unpopular the move to nationalized healthcare was.  

We were told that Obama knew better.  An academic and street organizer, with no real world experience would lead us to the promised land.  

What they never told us about Obama was the Marxist orientation he received from his biological father.  

Then along came Trump who has rejected Washington’s approved presidential comportment and has been savaged by virtually every media outlet for it.  He has been hammered for every pro-America policy he has proposed by a constant parade of “experts” who have been proven wrong.. He has been unfairly libeled as everything from a racist to a homophobe.  

But, Trump hasn’t been deterred.  He challenged the media for its bias, armed with only  one thing – the unvarnished truth, and a determination to tell it.  Whether it has been recounting history, economic theory, or relying on common sense, Trump speaks to Americans as though he’s sharing an adjacent barstool with them.

Americans, who have grown accustomed to being lied to by their political betters and the mainstream media since Ronald Reagan walked into the sunset, are finally coming around to the fact that President Trump is on their side.