Trump Announces Reversal of Obama Broadband Privacy Rules to Limit Google and Facebook Control of “News”

ELDER PATRIOT – Google’s control of its search engine results has become a threat to our free and democratic society.  A free and open expression of all viewpoints is necessary for voters to be informed in their effort to preserve our God-given liberties.

Eric Schmidt is the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google.  Schmidt was also a key play in using Internet technology to help elect Barack Obama and then to keep him in power through soft censorship.

While Schmidt denies charges that Google engages in censorship he has acknowledged that 94 percent of Google users never go beyond the first page of search results.  He has also admitted to “burying” conservative news on later pages.

No matter what Schmidt calls it, this is censorship that is intended to limit the public’s access to information and opinion that runs contrary to his own political views.

Facebook also engages broad powers of censorship through its use of, and continued altering of its “algorithms” that is seemingly intended to stifle discussion that runs counter to its progressive mission.

Both companies freedom-stifling actions are defended by Libertarians who contend, that as privately owned companies, they are free to conduct business as they please.

This Libertarian viewpoint is as wrong as it is certain to end the Freedom Movement if allowed to go unchecked.  Money already plays too large a role in dictating crony capitalism and the political neutering of the American worker.  Many of the world’s richest people come from the tech community and they are avowed Leftists concerned only with growing their already unseemly wealth.

The current rules, dictated by Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to protect consumer data more stringently than Google and Facebook that are considered content providers. 

This gives Google and Facebook a major advantage in using location data, financial information, health, information, and web history for advertising.  This advertising advantage translates into money, huge amounts of money.  And, as we know, money translates into power.

Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment recently explained Google’s resistance to reversing the FCC ruling to Breitbart:

“This is a deliberate disinformation campaign from the usual suspects from the tech-left and the media, and they’re completely misrepresenting the issue, and the conservatives are falling for the fake news narrative.  Up until 2015, the FTC protected consumer privacy, and then the FCC Net Neutrality order eviscerated the consumer protections at the FTC by pre-empting FTC’s jurisdiction. The FCC then came around and hammered ISP’s with draconian regulations that do not apply to Google or Facebook.

“This is especially concerning, considering they have considerably more access to your personal data than Comcast or Verizon.  It’s insane that Google and Facebook have a near duopoly in the advertising game and they have less stringent rules in terms of what they can do with your private information.”

This presents an ominous threat from the “Antifa” Left that uses everything from misinformation to outright lies to violence to achieve their Marxist goals.

Kerpan explained:

“Google has this whole array of left-leaning groups defending their favorite regulations that put them in their favor. If you recall Gigi Sohn, the counselor to former Chairman Tom Wheeler, resigned from the FCC and she’s now at the Open Society Institute, and she’s working with George Soros, and they’re pushing a lot of money to these narratives. There’s a reason that former Chairman Wheeler waited until the last possible minute to institute these regulations. They knew these were very easy headlines to write, such as ‘Republicans in Congress Undo Privacy Rules’ specifically to create this distortion campaign to make it harder to get rid of Net Neutrality.

“This whole fight against the ISPs is a sideshow, by far the biggest threat to consumer privacy is Google that has trackers on over 60 percent of all websites. Google owns YouTube, and they have trackers everywhere, and they’ve shifted the focus of the debate to issues that don’t regulate Google.”

Facebook is similarly guilty of limiting the reach of conservative viewpoints without any justification.

Libertarians must acknowledge that unless and until Google and Facebook are treated as utilities and forced to allow the free flow of all information and viewpoints on their platforms, they will exercise an untenable level of influence over the public debate.

The only other option is to open access to the massive advertising dollars to ISPs so that money and influence can find its way to as many potential outlets as possible. 

Now, President Trump is promising to do exactly that.