Trump Already Proving America’s Greatest Days Are Ahead.

ELDER PATRIOT – As Donald Trump prepares to take office he has already started rebuilding the American economy.  And, he has also taken time to put contractors who do business with the federal government on notice that their gravy train has been decommissioned.

With no official powers Trump negotiated to keep 1,100 jobs in Indianapolis simply by showing the governor of Indiana that by cutting their taxes by $7 million over ten years he could prevent $100 million dollars of annual economic vitality from leaving his state.

This was the “magic wand” that the woefully unprepared departing president, Barack Obama disparagingly claimed didn’t exist.  But forget Obama, why didn’t the policy wonks in Obama’s cabinet have similar ideas?  Where were Paul Ryan, Andrew McCarthy and the other Republicans who lined up to knock the deal because it didn’t match their ideological view of how to stop the corporate abandonment of America.

As soon as the Carrier deal was announced SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son recognized the coming sea change in American economic policy and reached out for Donald Trump.  The forward thinking Son viewed this as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an economy about to explode.

Three business days later Son appeared with President-elect Trump to announce his company was investing $50 billion in America and anticipates creating 50,000 new jobs. 

Earlier Tuesday, Trump told Boeing what they could do with their bloated overcharge for replacing Air Force One.  This appears to signal that Trump intends to apply the same scrutiny that has made him such a successful businessman to every expenditure that the government makes.  Profligate and irresponsible spending, and unconscionable cost overruns have become so commonplace among our beneficent Washington insiders that Trump may actually balance the budget by forcing contractors into line.

These are the first powerful signs of the American renaissance that Trump promised would take place if we elected him.  With each Trump triumph his detractors – the mainstream media, Democrat senators and representatives, and sadly senators and representatives of his own party – become increasingly unbelievable and increasingly irrelevant.