Trump Was 100% Right to Refuse to Rubber Stamp the Election

ELDER PATRIOT – From the beginning Donald Trump made it clear he wasn’t running to perpetuate the Left-Right paradigm that has spent American people $20 Trillion into debt despite having the highest tax revenues of any country in world. 

When Trump announced his candidacy he made it known he was running to give voice to voters of both parties who watched their median family incomes drop from $57,000 annually in 2000 to less than $52,000 today while Washington’s donor class became billionaires.

Washington’s “two-party” system had devolved into a cesspool of collusion and corruption after establishment politicians sold us out to the financial elites who in the process, grew into gigantic entities with extensive global reach.  It was this global reach that necessarily put the political goals of the financial elite at odds with the needs of the rest of us.  And, it was the refusal of the governing class to represent us over them that led to the rise of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump made it clear he would put America, and Americans first if he were to be elected, something other establishment politicians refused to discuss. 

Donald Trump is leading a revolution against an entrenched government oligarchy that had long ago ceased representing the people of America and has been governed for the benefit of a foreign entity for three decades. 

This was the reason our Founding Fathers took us to war against the most powerful military on earth at that time and this is why Trump and his followers are prepared to go to war against the most powerful military of this time.

This is why Donald Trump was absolutely correct to refuse to rubber stamp the results of an election that is becoming increasingly suspect as to the veracity of the results it is going to provide.

Yesterday, we learned that another Clinton field general, Robert Creamer, was forced to resign after he was caught admitting that his organization has been committed to effecting widespread voter fraud before a hidden camera:

The day before Creamer resigned, his accomplice Scott Foval was fired for admitting that Democrats have been doing this for 50 years and his group is intent on continuing to expand that unlawful tradition.  He made that assertion to the same investigative journalist:

We also know that in 59 Democrat-controlled voting districts surrounding Philadelphia Barack Obama got 100% of the vote in 2012.  This fact is corroborated by, a website dedicated to “debunking” right wing “myths.”

Then there’s the recently released Pew Research Center’s review of voter registration across the country.  They found, “Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.”

What does this mean?  In 2012 Barack Obama won Pennsylvania by 310,000 votes, Florida by Florida by 70,000 votes, and Ohio by 165,000 votes. Trump wins these three states if he gets an additional 545,000 votes combined in them and the turnout remains the same. If that happens and the rest of the electoral map remains unchanged Trump becomes our next president. 

With voter intensity significantly lower among Hillary’s supporters than it was for Barack Obama in 2012, and the voter intensity among Trump’s supporters much greater than their support for Mitt Romney was four years ago it’s likely Trump is already leading in these states.

So Hillary needs to harvest as many votes as she possibly can from the 24 million illegal voter registrations to win.  This explains why she’s instructed her donors to support organizations like Scott Fovel’s American’s United For Change ($15 Million), and Bob Creamer’s People For The American Way ($15 Million), among others over the past four years to work with the DNC to grow an elaborate web of organizations dedicated to do exactly that. 

The videos (above) leave no doubt that the Clinton campaign not only knew what these groups were doing is illegal, but that they actively coordinated with them through an elaborate network designed to provide Hillary plausibly deniability.

Making all of this even more distasteful (and illegal) is the fact the IRS has granted these groups tax-exempt status that is against their own tax codes for political advocacy groups.  Just one more felony for the Obama D.O.J to ignore when it comes to America’s Teflon Don, Hillary Clinton

With all of this now public knowledge what type of leader would Donald Trump be if he rolled over at this point and blessed an election rigged by the people he is fighting against?  He said he is leading a movement to rid us of the rigged Washington elites and he is remaining true to that promise. 

Finally, we have a chance to elect a leader with the backbone to take on the D.C. cartel.