It Took President Trump 20 Minutes To Accomplish What Obama Couldn’t Do in Two Years

ELDER PATRIOT – This is what leadership looks like.  Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry had been desperate to get Russia to agree with us for two years but by January of this year when they were leaving office they had brought us closer to a world war than they had to accomplishing their goal.

Enter President Donald Trump, perhaps the ultimate dealmaker of our time, and voila there’s agreement!

President Trump had a 20-minute meeting scheduled with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit, that was scheduled to be little more time than to shake hands and to exchange pleasantries. 

It turned out that it lasted two hours longer than expected and Trump left the meeting with a cease-fire agreement in the Syrian war.  John Kerry had been desperate to get Putin to agree to a cease-fire but failed for two reasons:

  • The Russian president saw Obama and Kerry as weak and knew he’d eventually get more by continuing to push them rather than to agree to anything that would limit his power.
  • Both Kerry and Obama were like petulant children and began threatening a larger war with Russia.  That’s exactly the wrong way to handle someone who holds himself out as a strongman.

By the end of his term Obama had allowed the Clinton campaign to blame Russia for colluding with Trump as the explanation for her defeat.  In her demented need to give legs to her Russian hacking story she began calling for war with them.

This enraged both Trump and Putin and laid the groundwork for them to come together.  And, that happened yesterday.  President Trump waved his magic wand, er, said a few magic words and Putin and he were off and running.

Trump showed respect for the Russian president and the meeting expanded from a handshake photo op to a full blown policy discussion and when it was over Trump and Putin had established a working relationship.

Progressives can’t deal with the fact that we now have a leader strong enough to handle the Russian strongman so they took to twitter to deride the first man truly strong enough to be our president since Ronald Reagan:

These idiots still haven’t figured out that they’ve been played by Hillary and Obama!  Progressive punks like these – almost none of who have even served in the military – would rather feed a bullshit narrative and continue moving our country towards open conflict than say a few warming words to thaw this relationship and move towards peace.

Well here’s the only tweet that should matter to anyone who values human life:

Trump just accomplished in a couple of hours what Obama couldn’t (perhaps wouldn’t) do over a couple of years.

These are the same Progressive dissimulators who told us Trump didn’t possess the “niceties” to do politics.