All It Took Was One Black President and Hillary Clinton to Unleash Racism in Blacks

ELDER PATRIOT – YouTube video journalist Joey Salads conducted an experiment by going into a white neighborhood seeking to elicit feedback on his “Black Lives Matter” sign then carrying another sign that said “All Lives Matter” into a black neighborhood.

The difference in reaction is shocking as this video shows:

Remember, Mrs. Clinton made Black Lives Matter central to her nominating convention in July, and her donors, including George Soros and the Democratic Alliance, have given a billion dollars to this racist organization.  Lets also remember that Black Lives Matter originally received their marching orders in a meeting with President Obama’s Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett.

Still thinking of voting for Hillary?  Maybe you should stop and think just how far the race-baiting Democrats have brought us to returning to the pre-Civil War passions that their support of slavery caused way back then.