Tomorrow Fifteen States Hold Primaries That Provide the Opportunity For Voters to Change Our Country’s Direction

ELDER PATRIOT – One of the great anomalies of politics is congress’ abysmal approval rating and the rate at which the public re-elects its members.  Only about a quarter of the people currently think America is on the right track and most people only give congress an 18% approval rating.  This has been the norm for a number of electoral cycles.

So how in the world do members of congress manage to get re-elected at a rate that exceeds ninety percent?  It is because of ignorance.  Ignorance of the way the two major political parties work in orchestrating the November elections in order to maintain the status quo, ignorance of their incumbent representatives’ voting records, and ignorance that primary day offers them the single opportunity to make a change for a candidate they can believe in.  Heck, most voters are even unaware when this day is in their state.  Tomorrow, fifteen states have this opportunity.

By the time the November elections roll around the only alternative for disgruntled voters is the opposing party’s candidate.  In our highly gerrymandered districts it would take an act of God for the opposition party to win.  Thus the status quo reigns which pleases the Oligarchy but no one else.

Once in a while a challenger breaks through as Dave Brat did in the Republican primary for Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District in 2014.  He became the first person in history to defeat a sitting Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Brat won the general election in a 24-point landslide over his Democratic challenger. Because of his election he was present in congress to cast the deciding vote that defeated comprehensive immigration reform that included blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.

If one man can make that significant of a difference what could be accomplished if many more Americans took the opportunity that tomorrow carries with it to dismiss the candidate of the Oligarchs that now represents them?

Primary elections provide the only real opportunity to make substantive changes to your representation in Washington.  It provides voters with the chance to refresh their party with new blood.  You are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

The next opportunity will be two months from now when an additional seventeen states will hold their primaries.

Let’s hope when the dust clears tomorrow night our sitting congressional representatives will have been given a wake-up call similar to the one Dave Brat delivered two years ago.

It’s called a representative government for a reason.  Now get off your asses and vote for a change.