Tired of Winning Yet? Trump Winning Everywhere at Home & Abroad

Elder Patriot –You know what one of the best things about having Trump as president is?  It’s waking up every morning to President Trump’s triumphant tweets that we are winning, once again. 

This morning was especially sweet since the president had succeeded on two fronts where Obama had failed miserably on.

In the early morning hours, President Trump was at Joint Base Andrews welcoming home three hostages from North Korea.  It didn’t take $1.7 Billion in cash either.  It didn’t cost the American taxpayers a dime.

All it took was a hard-nosed chief executive with a passion for good old American patriotism.

Then, only four and a half hours later, President Trump announced a major break on another front – the war against ISIS.  You remember them, the JV team that Obama grew into a worldwide force for Islamic extremism through terrorism.

Routed from the battlefield in Syria, Trump has turned the focus on destroying ISIS’ command and control.  And, this morning he made the monumental announcement that a complex cross-border sting resulted in the capture of five of the senior Islamic State officials closest to Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi, the IS supreme leader.

Working together with Iraq and Turkey, U.S. forces netted the five radicals that ran fatwas in the IS’ caliphate, oversaw the indoctrination of school aged children, and who organized security and appointed leaders in the territory held by the Islamic State.

These IS strategists have a wealth of operational knowledge.  And, if Trump’s nominee to head the CIA, Gina Haspel, is approved they’ll be spilling their guts soon.