Tip of the Iceberg – Obama-Clinton Corruption Map Takes Shape

Elder Patriot – That Barack Hussein Obama was a Manchurian president is no longer a surprise.  That Hillary Clinton was a diabolical greedy criminal also comes as no surprise.  What is shocking, however, is the number of people who violated their oaths of office to help both of them for money, ideology, or both.

Those who contend Donald Trump only ran for the presidency to enhance his resume or that didn’t know what he was getting into only need watch this video to realize both of those claims were absolutely false:

We’ve warned Trump supporters, who wanted to see immediate indictments of these traitors, that by moving too hastily a large number of those burrowed inside the Deep State would be missed and therefore remain able to continue their treasonous actions.

The map is beginning to fill in but this still is only the tip of the iceberg:

Notably, there are three Republicans on the map.  General Michael Flynn was Trump’s National Security Advisor who was determined to have made legal contact with Russian representatives during the post-election transition phase. He was the victim of a trap laid by special counsel Robert Mueller, misspoke, and pled guilty to lying to avoid going bankrupt.

The other two are Arizona Senator John McCain and his associate David Kramer.  Kramer met with the Trump dossier’s author Christopher Steele and was given a copy that he presented to McCain. 

You’ll remember that during the campaign Donald Trump let his disgust of John McCain be known.  We can now say that it wasn’t a mistaken off-the-cuff comment by a loud-mouthed out-of-control candidate.

McCain passed the “unverified and salacious” hit piece on to then FBI Director Jim Comey who allowed it to remain unverified while still using it as the central piece of evidence before a FISA court that gave the okay to spy on Trump’s campaign and later his transition team and nascent presidency.

McCain has been around long enough to know how the game is played and was only too happy to do what he could to make sure that Trump would never be able to drain the swamp that the Arizona powerbroker is so at home in.

It is established fact that the McCain Institute has been accepting funding directly from George Soros since 2001.  Now in testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), attorney Adam Waldman revealed that he served as a back channel conduit between Christopher Steele and SSCI co-chair Democratic Senator Mark Warner.

Waldman also identified Daniel J. Jones as having worked with Fusion GPS and that the research firm was being funded by a “group of Silicon Valley billionaires and George Soros.”

The map, published on January 20, 2018 shows Steele was dealing directly with the Russian government, as was his employer Fusion GPS.  But it wasn’t known at that time that Soros and the Titans of Tech had also been actively funding these subversive activities.

Steele was being compensated through a deliberately convoluted series of transactions that included Hillary Clinton’s campaign, The DNC, and money from Obama’s campaign, Obama for America.

That money was funneled through the law firm PerkinsCoie where it was hidden as legal expenses.

PerkinsCoie passed as much as $13 million in this manner to Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS’s co-founder Glenn Simpson was also in contact with Natalia Veselnitskaya and Russian-owned Prevezon Holdings.  Simpson relied almost exclusively on Kremlin-linked intelligence operatives to draft the dossier.

So, you tell me who was actually colluding with the Russians to destroy whose campaign?

There was a Republican presidential candidate who did collude with the Russian government to alter the outcome of the 2016 election.  But it wasn’t Donald Trump.  It was the 2008 Republican candidate who rolled over and allowed B. Hussein Obama to become president – John McCain – and, who then did his best to make sure that his partner in crime, Hillary Clinton would succeed Obama to keep their racket going.

What followed after Obama’s election were Uranium One, Skolkovo, and other pro-Russian Obama administration “policy” decisions.

There are many underlings who had and have knowledge of the treasonous acts being committed against the American people when they were tasked, either willingly or unwillingly, with carrying out these and many other policy decisions.

This is a complicated map and when all of those underlings complicit in defrauding the American people are added to it, this becomes the largest criminal syndicate to ever be prosecuted.

That, my friends, is why this is taking to so long.