It’s Time to Purge the FBI of Loyal Globalists – Part One

Elder Patriot – That political bias has guided recent FBI investigations is no secret.  But it is also the investigations that the FBI has chosen not to pursue that point to the agency’s loyalty to a broader political movement.

In Part One, we examine how the FBI uses its immense discretionary powers of investigation to determine who and who should not can be allowed to represent the American people. 

Hillary Clinton was exonerated by the FBI despite a mountain of incriminating evidence against her in her handling of her official emails. 

No investigation was opened into Hillary’s possible use of the Clinton Foundation to launder money from government selling assets and access while she was Secretary of State despite, once again, more mountains of incriminating evidence suggesting she was running a massive pay-to-play scheme from that high office.

Then there’s the all-encompassing investigation into her political opponent – and apparently the FBI’s, as well – Donald Trump.  Despite no hint of an underlying crime FBI Director James Comey launched an investigation into candidate Donald Trump anyway.

After nearly a year and having failed to turn up any credible and actionable evidence against Trump, now President Trump fired Comey.  It was within the president’s right to do so for any reason but given Comey’s Stalinist style resistance to the incoming Trump administration it became the right thing to do.

Trump, and every other freedom-loving Constitutionalist, recognized Comey’s politicization of the FBI as no different from the methods used in Stalin’s Russia, by the East German Stasi, and by the KGB.  Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s chief of the Soviet security and secret police famously said: “show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

The party of Stalinism in the United States – the Democrats – championed Comey’s call for the appointment of a special counsel to continue his jihad against Trump.  That special counsel, Robert Mueller, continues casting a political cloud over President Trump to this day notwithstanding his failure to uncover any credible and actionable evidence against the president.

It is important to note that Mueller preceded Comey as the Director of the FBI and served in that capacity during the entire time Hillary Clinton was running her pay-to-play scheme out of the State Department.

So, let’s stop accepting the nonsense that Mueller has an impeccable record of integrity and is a master prosecutor.  If he has integrity then he was a failure when it came to Hillary’s criminality the occurred right under his nose.  In fact there is evidence he even silenced a years long investigation to cover her tracks in the Uranium One transaction.

On the other hand, if we are to believe he is an incredibly detailed and skilled prosecutor, then he has no integrity.

As we near the two-year mark on these investigations of President Trump, it’s worth asking who, if anyone, among the president’s detractors in either house of Congress, or any of Obama’s appointees including Barack Hussein Obama himself, could survive anything close to the level of scrutiny that has been cast on our president?

There is one reason that stands out as the root motive for the FBI’s decisions regarding who and who not to prosecute – Trump’s fierce defense of American sovereignty and Hillary’s promise to cede that sovereignty to international organizations. 

Ask yourself this question; who is benefitting more from the Trump resistance – the Globalist movement or everyday Americans?  America is more divided than ever while the Globalists continue advancing their agenda inside the United States.

In Part Two we’ll examine how the FBI facilitates the prejudicing of our political debate to aid the Globalist movement.